Submission Process


Key Dates
July 1 Programming opens
September 1 Round 1 deadline
September 15 Follow-up emails distributed
October 1 Round 2 deadline
Late November Schedule posted to the website

Theme for 2019: Unity, diversity, connecting webs to Heal the Earth      What are we doing to heal our mother? What are we Willing to do for the Earth?

Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won.   Many stones can form an arch singly none, singly none.     And by union what we Will can be accomplished still.     Drops of water turn a mill singly none, singly none.     (Words: Anon, Miners union preamble;     Music Trad. Irish adapted)


PantheaCon encourages people from diverse backgrounds to submit items for a programming presentation. We welcome voices not often heard at the table, especially around items not tied to a specific identity or diversity specific. We are all more than a single ‘notable’ thing. [In plainer language this means that for example you don’t have to post about trans issues if you identify as trans or only on female goddesses if that is your speciality. If you want to, you can of course, but don’t feel you are limited to only that topic!] We welcome you to come to the conference and challenge the ‘norm’ for how else can we be change makers without that? We make an effort every year to include new voices on the program. If you or someone you know feel you have knowledge to share, please learn more about the presentation process.

If you would like to submit an item for consideration, please click here.

Submitting your ideas by September 1 may result in some helpful feedback that could increase your chances of having your presentation scheduled!  After our early review, we will ask some presenters to revise their submissions for consideration. This process is intended to allow us to make the best possible scheduling decisions and to potentially help us release the final PantheaCon schedule earlier than in past years.

Follow-up Emails

These emails will contain the result of our review.   If you are asked to revise your submission, you will have until the deadline (October 1) to make any necessary changes.

Late submissions

Items submitted after October 1 will very likely not be scheduled as discussions will happen beginning on that date.

Waiting List

Some presentations will be added to a waiting list.  Wait-listed presenters will need to confirm by email that they will be attending PantheaCon and ensure their contact information is accurate.  Cancellations can happen at the last minute, and we will need to be able to reach you. We have in fact, frequently contacted presenters at con to fill in for a canceled presentation and we deeply appreciate those that can accommodate that. However, if you know, for example, that you need at least two or three weeks prep time to present, let us know that too and we will remove you from the waitlist after that deadline passes.

When you’ll hear from us

Typically by mid-October you will have heard from programming if you are accepted. The full schedule gets posted publicly in mid-to-late November. The delay between those two things is because we frequently have to move items around due to conflicts or cancellations and wait list moves. When the schedule is posted publicly is when you can share the news widely on social media to advertise your item. Please do not share it before that time.  Even if you have confirmed your item it is not completely locked-in until the schedule is posted.

Changes aka I heard something different from what is posted

We do maintain a list of changes and keep the schedule as up-to-date as we can between the initial posting and the conference in February. Normally about every two weeks is our update process.