Program Guide

The 2017 schedule is ProgramBooklet17-web If you are just after something really simple then here is a printable view and we also have it as a PDF. 

*Changes since the PDF was generated (changes are always reflected at already if they are listed here:

  1.  Pagan Idol has been canceled. The ADF Ritual of Unity has been moved from 11p to 9pm. All on Sunday.

We hope this new tool is easier for everyone to use. In light gray near the top is the word ‘Schedule’ which gives you different views (simple, expanded [which shows the descriptions for each item without hovering over them but makes for a very long page], grid [which shows the schedule going across the day like the old program book], and by venue [which means which room items are in by alphabetical order]

By default sched (the website we’ve chosen for this year) chooses the simple view. You can then click on any item to see the details including the presenters and their bios. Additional presenters are under ‘artists’ as that is the only additional field available to us and it felt fun.

You can choose to create an account and build your own custom schedule. If you do that you’ll be able to download the schedule to your smartphone or print it out for your own use at con. It will also be kept up to date as we get closer to con (probably every two weeks or so as changes happen and the programming staff has an opportunity to update it).

One of the exciting things is that each ‘tradition’ is color coded so you can choose to look at items associated with each tradition and really focus on them, if that’s what you like. We also have tagged items that the presenters chose in their programming submissions like ‘introductory’ or ‘ family-kids’ or ‘hands-on-workshop’ so you can see stuff that way too. We hope this will help people really suss out topics and items that suit them best.

And yes, as always, we will have the regular dead-tree printed version of the program book available at registration if that is your preference.