Giving Tarot Readings at PantheaCon


The Convention offers its attendees an opportunity to obtain readings from PantheaCon Presenters. How it works:  A sign-up table is set up at the Vendor Staff table located just inside the Main entrance to the Vendor Room, at “Thalassa Prime.”  There will be binders with the specific times and tables outlined; the reading day is broken into 15 minute increments.  Readings will start at noon on Friday, February 15 and go through Monday afternoon.

There several tables set up in the Bayshore Foyer (just outside the Vendor Room) for readings, and they are clearly marked. The advantage of this is that you will be able to schedule some readings for when the Ballroom is closed.

Please let Thalassa, the Vendor Coordinator (, know by February 6th whether you are interested in reading.

In order to schedule your reading times, you must come to the Vendor Room after 10:00 a.m. on February 15 to sign up for the times you wish to read.  Please note that this will be the tail-end of the Vendor load-in and the room will not be opening to the public until noon. If you do not sign up on Friday we will assume you are not available to read. The Vendor Room staff will be available to help you and answer questions.

Official reading hours are noted below but you are also free to schedule readings earlier and later – simply make a note on your signup sheets.

Friday – Noon to 5:45
Saturday – 10:00 to 6:15
Sunday – 10:00 to 6:15
Monday – 10:00 to 1:30

Due to the number of presenters interested in giving readings, you will only be permitted to sign up for a portion of each day. Please note that even if you are reading for free, you should clearly establish what sort of compensatory exchange you expect for your reading before starting that reading, and to note it on the sign-up sheets.

During the hours the Vendor Room is open, interested querents will be able to sign up for the readers and times they wish for their readings. They will then present themselves at the appropriate table for their reading at the time they signed up for.  Please be respectful of the time of your querents and that of your fellow readers – if you think you may go overtime, please arrange with your querent how you handle this before the reading starts.

In the interest of clarity, be advised that PantheaCon is only making the tables available and providing the sign-up mechanism – scheduling when you will read, doing the readings at the designated times, and negotiating compensation is entirely handled by you.  Only presenters are permitted to read under the aegis of PantheaCon.

Feel free to contact Thalassa if you have further questions (