For Presenters at PantheaCon

The presentation submission process for PantheaCon 2019 has closed. If you have already submitted a presentation Click here.

(At the conference)

Presenter FAQs

Presenter information – Important, please read

1) Upon arrival you FIRST go to the Membership Registration area near the Ballrooms to register and get your membership badge. To be eligible for a presenter discount registration, you must email before January 30th. In this email, please include the titles of each item which you have on the schedule.

2) The Green Room (near the San Jose function Room, see map) You’ll need to check in at the Green Room as soon after your arrival as possible, but no later than 30 minutes before your presentation time-slot.  PantheaCon programming begins at 1PM Friday and at 9AM on every other day. Time slots are 90 minutes in length, with 30 minute breaks in between.  Lunch breaks are an hour (12:30-1:30PM each day), and dinner breaks are two hours (5:00-7:00PM).

3) At your event we ask that you arrive at your designated room at least 15 minutes before your presentation.  You will be assigned a Programming staff member who will introduce themselves and verify the room setup with you.  Please look for them and keep in mind that they will need to locate you in a possibly crowded room, and that you may not be the only person wearing a Presenter ribbon in the room.

4) Please remember that fire of any kind is not allowed in the hotel along with incense, scented sprays, or latex materials.

5) Tech Department If you have requested microphones, speakers, electrical power, or a video projector, PantheaCon’s Tech department will have a staff member in the room as early as possible prior to your presentation for setup. They may also need to be able to find you in a crowd, so please keep an eye out for them. Other important notes:

  • Although the Tech staff will do their best to meet your needs, we largely rely on donated and rented equipment. Due to the possibility of equipment failures and other issues, we cannot promise that we will be able to provide everything you have requested.
  • During your presentation, we ask that you not touch any of the equipment in your presentation room (microphones excepted) unless you have explicitly been given permission by a Tech staff member.
  • After your event, the Tech department asks that you or someone from your presentation group remain in the room until a staff member arrives to retrieve any Tech equipment used during your presentation.
  • Feel free to email if you have any questions before arriving at PantheaCon.

Presenter check-in at the Green Room

First, you’ll need to go to PantheaCon Registration and purchase a Registration badge – please check the website for Registration desk hours. Pre-Registration is strongly recommended to get lower rates. To get a presenter discount, see below.

Second, with badge in hand, head to the Green Room to check in. The Green Room is located in the Capitola room near the San Jose function room.

Please note that we need you to check in at the Green Room no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation.  Failure to check in may lead to cancellation of your presentation.

If you are presenting with a group, the individual who submitted the presentation idea is considered by PantheaCon to be the group’s contact person. Any phone communication will be directed to the contact person.  He or she is also the only group member who should visit the Green Room.

To be eligible for a presenter discount, you must email before January 30th. In this email, please include the titles of each item which you have on the schedule. Sorry, only one discount per event.

Co-presenters – Helper Badges for those not needing a Registration badge

If one or more members of your presentation group will not be paying for a PantheaCon registration badge, you will need to submit a list of their names to by January 15.  At the Green Room, you will be able to pick up one Helper Badge for each name you submit – you will be responsible for ensuring that they are distributed to your group.  Helper Badges will allow your co-presenters to make their way to your presentation room during your time slot but will not grant them access to other presentations or to Hospitality Suites.

Presentation materials for your event

All materials needed for your presentation must be provided by you. PantheaCon cannot provide printed materials, chalices, vessels, electric candles, herbs, or other decorative materials for ritual or other purposes.  There is a UPS Store on-site if you need to print documents.

If you have a need to ship anything to the Doubletree for your presentation, you will need to make arrangements directly with the hotel. They will charge you according the days for storage and quantity.  PantheaCon does not facilitate these requests and is not responsible for ensuring timely delivery.  PantheaCon does not provide storage (temporary or otherwise).

Presenter Tarot and Divination Readings

The Convention offers its attendees an opportunity to obtain Tarot or other divination readings from PantheaCon Presenters.

How it works: The following is how it worked in the past. We will be making some changes in the procedure during the summer and fall. It should all be posted here by late fall.

A sign-up table was set up at the Vendor table located just inside the Main entrance to the Vendor Room.  There will be binders with the specific times and tables outlined; the reading day is broken into 15 minute increments.

There are several tables set up in the Bayshore Foyer (just outside the Vendor Room) for readings, and they are clearly marked. The advantage of this is that you will be able to schedule some readings for when the Ballroom is closed.

Please let, know by February 6 whether you are interested in reading and on what day(s). The days you are available to read will be posted in the Convention newsletter and at the Information table.

In order to schedule your reading times, you must come to the Vendor Room on Friday (after 11:30 A.M., please) to sign up for the times you wish to read. Be aware that reading sign-ups will be taking place during the later part of the Vendor load-in on Friday, and your cooperation is appreciated in not coming to the Vendor Room prior to 11:30 A.M. The Vendor Room staff will be available to help you and answer questions. If you do not sign up on Friday we will assume you are not available to read.

Official reading hours are noted below but you are also free to schedule readings earlier and later – simply make a note on your signup sheets.

Friday – 1:30 to 5:45
Saturday – 10:00 to 6:15
Sunday – 10:00 to 6:15
Monday – 10:00 to 1:30

Due to the number of presenters interested in giving readings, you will only be permitted to sign up for a portion of each day. Please note that even if you are reading for free, you should clearly establish what sort of compensatory exchange you expect for your reading before starting that reading, and to note it on the sign-up sheets.

During the hours the Vendor Room is open, interested querents will be able to sign up for the readers and times they wish for their readings and go to the appropriate table for their reading at the time they signed up for.  Please be respectful of the time of your querents and fellow readers.
In the interest of clarity, be advised that PantheaCon is only making the tables available and providing the sign-up mechanism – scheduling when you will read, doing the readings at the designated times, and negotiating compensation is entirely handled by you.  Only presenters are permitted to read under the aegis of PantheaCon.

If you have further questions email (


Presenter Book Signing and Selling

Presenters have the option of doing book signings/selling at PantheaCon. Your hotel room is NEVER a place to sell books – the law is very clear about this and we do not allow any vending out of rooms; however, you are welcome to sign your books.

Signing or selling at your presentation:

  • You may hold a book signing or sell your book during your presentation.
  • You can also sell your book immediately after your presentation in the hallway outside your presentation room for the 20 minutes after your presentation ends. Please be considerate to the presenters that follow you, as well as traffic patterns in the space.
  • Be sure to let the attendees know during your presentation when – and where – you will be signing your book in addition to your presentation, if you are planning on doing so.

Having your book for sale at the Ancient Ways table:

You can contact the shop ( to see about having it available for sale at the Ancient Ways table.

Arranging additional book signing:

Please let the vendor coordinator ( know what day and time you are interested in book signing by February 6. This information will be in the Convention newsletter and at the Information desk so that convention attendees know that when you are signing besides your presentation time.

  • A sign-up table is set up at the Vendor Staff table located just inside the Main entrance to the Vendor Room – starting AFTER 11:30am on Friday (if you arrive earlier than that you will be turned away and asked to come back later).
  • Slots are 30 minutes long.
  • A signing table is between the Ancient Ways vending table (the next set of tables after the Vendor Staff area) and the Vendor  signup area. Tables may also set up in the Bayshore Foyer opposite or near the entrance to the Vendor Room.

The Vendor Room staff will be available to help you and answer questions at the con. In the meantime if you have any questions please contact

Media Policies – Recording and Photography at PantheaCon

Any photography or recording (video or audio) in public convention space (i.e. anything but a private room) MUST be cleared with Glenn and Programming in advance of the convention. This includes any scheduled programming items, any recording of the Vendor areas, Registration, Suites, and Convention operations ( Con Ops, etc). We strongly discourage asking for permission at Con – both Glenn and Programming will be incredibly busy.

We do not require formal model releases for non-commercial use, but attendees must be able to provide informed consent.  That means they need to be notified prior to any photographs being taken or recordings being made:

  1. How the photographs, video or audio recording will be used
  2. Where the media will be posted
  3. For photography, whether faces will be blurred prior to posting


We ask that photographs not have in frame any attendees who have not given their explicit permission to be photographed. Photographers have accomplished this in the past by photographing their subjects against the nearest wall.  If the organizers of a presentation are planning to photograph their audience, we ask that it be mentioned in the event description in the Program Guide, that a notice be posted on the entrance to the event, and that the presenter(s) notify the audience at the beginning of the presentation.

Party Rooms

If you want to record in a party room, please get permission from both the registered hotel guest that is responsible for the room as well as anyone who might come within range of the recording device.  We’re happy to try and work with people to accommodate requests but we want to avoid disrupting the convention itself.

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