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Please limit yourself to no more than 3 presentation submissions. While we appreciate that people can and do have many interests we want you to submit program ideas that are well developed, thoughtful and a topic/idea that you are passionate about. We also understand that some of you belong to many groups but for yourself, no more than 3 items for consideration. As far as groups, please be realistic about your energy level and ability to be in many things. Also, while we will do our best to help you manage conflicts, ultimately we do schedule items for the best conference balance, not to accommodate one person’s schedule.

We are looking forward to another great year of programming and want to thank you for your interest. In order to apply online, you need an e-mail account that you will be actively checking. This is how Programming will be contacting you throughout the presentation, acceptance and convention information process.

Whitelist in your email settings to ensure you hear from us. If you have already visited our Membership Registration page you will already have a login and password that you will use here as well.

Please take your time going through this form.  Incomplete forms will reduce your chances of being selected. Due to the large volume of submissions, presentations will be juried for content. While we review all submissions, we do need to select for appropriateness of topic and to avoid duplication. Please be brief and bear in mind that relevant detail is important, but excessive or irrelevant detail will not make us more likely to select your event for scheduling. Descriptions of events and personal biographies should be 100 words or less; this is the maximum space allotted for each program or biography in the program guide.

PantheaCon encourages people from diverse backgrounds to submit items for a programming presentation. We welcome voices not often heard at the table, especially around items not tied to a specific identity or diversity specific. We are all more than a single ‘notable’ thing. We welcome you to come to the conference and challenge the ‘norm’ for how else can we be change makers without that? We make an effort every year to include new voices on the program.

If you have questions about the process, please email them to programming(at)

To get the process started please read and agree to the following:

Presenter Rules and Guidelines

  1. The Round 1 deadline for presentation submissions is September 1st.
  2. The Round 2 deadline is October 1st. Submissions received after Oct. 1st may not be considered at all.
  3. Use one form for each presentation. We do not accept multiple presentations on one form.
  4. Programming will notify selected presenters by mid-November.
  5. Accepted presenters agree to confirm their presentation the date indicated in their acceptance email.
  6. All program edits or changes must be completed by December 31st. Your submissions will appear in the program as you submit them, including typos – so be careful.
  7. Presenters do not get in free. You must register with the conference as an attendee.
  8. Fire of any kind is not allowed in the hotel. No open or enclosed flame. No lit candles, No incense, No exceptions. Presenters who do not follow these rules will not be invited to return.
  9. Presentations cannot charge for entry (not even to cover expenses). Admittance to the con is the only fee a member should have to pay. If you cannot afford to cover the materials to offer the item, you should not offer it.

This is the only way to submit a presentation. Emails, Facebook or other social media posts expressing interest do not count as a submission. You must complete the form – it will give us all the information we as a conference need to fairly judge your submission and all its needs (hotel conference room space, technical needs, green room needs etc.). It is not easier for anyone, including yourself to send off a quick email when there are hundreds of presenters and a small programming staff. Please help us!

“I Agree”

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