Party or Hospitality Rooms

Hospitality or Party rooms, sometimes called suites by the long-time conference goers are community hospitality spaces. They are usually paid for by a group of people around either a tradition or a commonality of interest. We have a limited number of spaces available and only 8 actual 2 room parlor suites that are usually for previous year groups.

This is not about having a party in your room, nor about regular hotel rooms. Please see the hotel and lodging pages elsewhere on this site for more about that.

The process for requesting a hospitality room is to email, Holly Turner  at  with the name of your group, the purpose of your room and a short description (see past program books, posted in the FAQ section for examples). She will contact you at the appropriate time with more details and if you have been accepted. If you have a preference for the floor or other details you would like considered, please include those in the same email. Do not assume you will be selected for a Hospitality Room. If you get an attendee room when the general block of rooms is opened, we can assign  you a party room floor space if you are accepted to this rooming group.  Deadline for this block of rooms is Oct. 1.

Note: Please do NOT contact anyone else about hospitality rooms. Glenn and now Holly, her daughter, are the sole deciders. Reaching out on facebook to the group or to the hotel liaison, the hotel itself, programming, registration etc.  just delays you getting to the right person. None of them can help you.