Elevator Policy & Tips

Facts of life, we meet in an older facility that has cranky elevators.

In order to facilitate smooth sailing and keep the elevators from breaking, please help us by the following these rules:

  1. No more than 8 people in an elevator at one time. This allows for small bags, but large suitcases count as a person. This is especially critical on Thursday/Friday check in days and Monday check out days.

2. No more than 6 people if someone is in a power chair, on a scooter or using a walker . We need to give our fellow members in these transportation devices enough room to move around without running over anyone’s toes.

3. No more than 1 power chair, scooter or walker per car. With over 2000 attendees that all need to be somewhere *now*, let’s work together and take the next car if you see a scooter/chair already in the elevator. Thanks!

Tips for the mostly mobile:

If you just need to get to the 2nd floor and don’t have a ton of stuff:

Please take the stairs on your left on the outside pool deck near the elevator lobby.

Take a right at the top of the stairs, go all the way to the end and the doors are on your left.

If you are looking to attend events in the upstairs Tree ballrooms or the Silicon Valley Room: Take the stairs located next to Registration or the elevator between Registration & Information. (FYI, this elevator does not go to any other floors just the third floor ballrooms)

If you are looking to attend events in the Wine rooms on the 2nd floor and are up in the Tree ballroom area: Go past the stairs and Silicon Valley room to the door to the outside. Follow the path down several flights of small stairs until you end up on the 2nd floor outside space. Take a right at the bottom of the stairs, go all the way to the end and the doors are on your left.

Consider taking the stairs to the right of the elevator lobby on your way down from the upper floors. It might be a whole lot faster than waiting for a free space on an elevator, especially during busy times between large events. If you’re fairly fit, hiking up the stairs is pretty quick and not very crowded.

We will be having Staff Elevator Facilitators during high traffic times.

Please be respectful & courteous to these hardworking individuals so everyone can get to their final destination quickly & safely. At other times, please make the effort to follow the rules so we can through the conference breakage free.

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