Doubletree Hotel Room Booking

HOTEL UPDATE!! I know I promised one week from Jan 8th – the best intentions often take us down the longer roads…

Here is your 1 week notice that the next room release will be Friday, January 25th at Noon Pacific Time.

There will be almost no Thursday nights left to release by then, if any at all, so I would suggest avoiding the problems of the previous room release and NOT start out trying to reserve Thursday night. Those of you who got a room last time and need Thursday added and have already sent me your confirmation, I am still working on those and trying to balance need versus supply. I should have updates on that in a few days.

The rest of this post is the same as last time – yes the code is the same, no we don’t know why it did not always work, no the other codes from years past should not work, and no we don’t know why they do. NOT trying to reserve Thursday night should help avoid the appearance that the code below isn’t working.

According to the hotel, rooms may be booked one of two ways utilizing our group code of CDTPTC for 2019 :

1. By calling Hilton Central Reservations at 800-222-8733
2. By going online to

The hotel continues to request that they not be called directly, as they have stated that they will not be taking or making reservations. Thus I would strongly suggest not flooding the hotel with calls and crashing their phone system (and this is neither the time nor the place to get into how the hotel should update the system). Even if you call Central Reservations and have a problem, and they suggest you call the hotel, PLEASE do not. The hotel STILL cannot help you, because of how our room block is allocated and processed. Which ALSO means that at first glance it may appear to the registration agent that there are no rooms open when there are, because of HOW they are blocked for us.

Believe it or not, there are some folks who have told me that they don’t care what the instructions are as they believe that following the instructions lost them a hotel room last time, and that they will be calling the hotel first to “ensure” that they get a room. My response to that is to PLEASE remember the following three things:

1. There are FAR more people wanting rooms than there are rooms in the entire hotel, let alone how many are contracted to our group or released for general booking by attendees (there are upwards of 2,000 people in attendance at PantheaCon and 505 rooms in the hotel, not all of which we get);

2. That as impossible as it may seem, ALL the released rooms really DO get booked up in 5 minutes or less (it’s been as quick as 3 minutes); AND

3. That following the directions perfectly has not ever, nor does it ever, guarantee anyone a room.

I wish you all the best luck on Friday 1/25 in getting a room in the principal hotel and encourage you to book at nearby hotels if necessary (some of which include breakfast in their rates). The PantheaCon website has a list of other hotels in the area.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor and Feel Free to share far and wide.

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