PantheaCon is held at the Doubletree San Jose (2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA 95110). Parking is $13 a night (with validation of card)  and rooms are $142 for our conference rate.

We assign rooms for the whole Doubletree hotel inventory of rooms. Like last year we will open blocks of 100 rooms at a time, starting in mid to late October, then again in December. (The details of this may need to be adjusted to work schedules etc., so please bear with us and check back periodically.)

We assign several groups of rooms, 1) our staff rooms, 2) the party/hospitality rooms and suites on the 2nd, 9th & 10th floors  – contact  and 3) Special needs rooms for families with small children and physically challenged people. (We reserve the right to jury these areas.) To be considered for staff, junior staff or volunteer,  please apply to after July 1 . For a special needs room, email

Transportation from Overflow hotels

If you are eager to book a room before the Doubletree blocks open, consider reserving at one of these overflow hotels and then cancel if you luck out and get a room at the main hotel. Some hotels have shuttles that can take you to the Doubletree or  you can take a cab or uber.

Other Lodging (Contact the individual hotels for rates.) Nearby hotels:


Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel and Lodging

Care and Feeding of the hotel

The Doubletree Hotel is the host space for PantheaCon.

Traditionally the hotel staff has been very happy to have us and been responsive to our requests. Please be kind to them and don’t forget to tip the service staff. However……

The hotel is an  older hotel with an older A/C heat system in the common spaces including the programming/function rooms. We do our absolute best to keep the rooms in a comfortable range but this isn’t always *your* comfortable temperature range. It’s not unusual for the rooms to be cool in the morning and warm to overly warm by afternoon. With every space filled to capacity the A/C cannot keep up if we don’t start it early and even then it doesn’t always keep up. Programming staff are open to comments about it and will do what they can but we can’t always make a shift, especially quickly (under two hours). We encourage everyone to bring a layer or two that you can put on and shed at need throughout the very long day.

If you notice something broken, please do let the PantheaCon staff (or a hotel staffer if you see them) know. We’d rather hear about it 20 times than not at all.

If you are staying in the hotel and there is a problem with your room your first call should be to the front desk but if that doesn’t resolve it to your satisfaction within a few hours/half a day we want to know! Please stop by Convention Operations so we can try to help. We can’t promise a fix, especially with the hotel at capacity but we’ll do everything we can and definitely be generating a list to share with hotel management both during and after the event.

Information on the hotel restaurant menus will be posted in January.

Directions to the hotel

For Mass Transit Options [cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#47AFFF”][/cryout-button-color]

Airport Directions (0.5 Miles E from San Jose International Airport): Go to Airport Blvd at the light turn left. At the next light, turn onto Airport Parkway. Go two blocks and turn left at Gateway Place. Shuttle buses run from the airport to the Hotel. For pick-up use the Courtesy Phone in Baggage Claim. Advance Shuttle Reservations: 408.453-4000.

Hwy 101 South: Exit North First St./Brokaw Rd. Make the first Right onto Airport Parkway. Hotel will be on the right.

Hwy 101 North: Exit Brokaw Rd. Make the first Left onto Brokaw Rd. and proceed under Hwy. 101. Hotel will be on the right.

I-880 North: Exit First Street. Make the first Left and go 3/4 of a mile North. Turn Left on Brokaw Rd. Hotel will be on your right.

I-880 South: Exit Brokaw Road. Turn Right on to Brokaw and go 1 mile, passing First Street. Hotel will be on your right.

I-280 North: Take 87 North (Guadalupe Parkway) towards downtown. Exit Skyport Drive. Make the first Right onto Skyport Drive. Turn Left at the next light, Technology Drive. Pass Airport Parkway. Hotel is on your right.

I-280 South: Take 87 North (Guadalupe Parkway) towards downtown. Exit Skyport Drive. Make the first Right onto Skyport Drive. Turn Left at the next light, Technology Drive. Pass Airport Parkway. Hotel is on your right.

You can phone the hotel and ask them directions if you are unsure about how to get there. You can also check their website, for links to directions to the hotel.

Food options at PantheaCon

The hotel does provide several vegan and vegetarian options on the limited conference menu available at the food cart as well as in Springs, the hotel’s main restaurant. The hotel has not in the past provided a detailed list of ingredients but do feel free to ask the hotel staff. Please let conference staff know if you have trouble getting that information so we can try and remedy it with the hotel.

The official conference suite aka ‘The Con Suite’ clearly labels all of their food but be aware that at times there are nut products out and available.

Individual Hospitality Suites frequently have light snacks out for visitors. It is up to the individuals in those suites to determine what is served and if it is labeled. Please be polite and remember that it is supposed to be a SUPPLEMENT to your regular meals, not a replacement for them.

There is also a Trader Joe’s grocery store nearby which carries a wide stock of items, clearly labeled and frequently all organic.

Unfortunately, unless you have a need for refridgeration for medication, there are no room fridges available at the San Jose DoubleTree. Please check at the overflow hotels if you book there, to see what amenities they have available. As the list of hotels and what they offer changes frequently it is not feasible to provide a list here and hope that it stays up to date.

Hotel Parking

Parking charges for all attendees and overnight guests with PantheaCon will be $13 with validation. Only hotel guests have in-and-out privileges.

Be aware that parking is in short supply and you may have to park at a distance. Local office complexes may have parking on the weekend, but not on Friday.

If you have a handicap placard there is a limited amount of accessible spaces at the hotel but they tend to fill early. Please plan appropriately as there is insufficient parking at the hotel overall.

Hotel and Lodging information

Click here for Hotel and Lodging information. You can also find this link under the Resources menu at the top of the page.

What are the check-in/check-out times at the Doubletree?

Like most hotels, the Doubletree check-in time is 3 pm with check-out at 12 noon. You can ask for early check-in and late check-out and also store your bags with the bellman. If you are planning to split the room rate tell them at check-in so check-out is swift and easy.

What are the hotel rules?

We are sharing with people who may be unfamiliar with our varied ways — Be cool. The elevators, hallways and pool are always “Public” areas. If you are wearing something scanty, please wear a cover-up for when in these shared areas. Costumes are okay, but nudity is not.

Keep “weapons” secure and unobtrusive. No crashing in public areas. There are lots of places to meet and visit. The Coffee Shop has a fair amount of staff turnover, so there may staff waiting on you who will not be used to large ‘fluid’ groups of people at tables — tip generously.

Be as honest as possible about how many people are in the room, but the hotel has a strict “4 people to a room” policy.

Tip early and often. This will help ensure good service, extra towels and pillows etc. (Write “for the maid” on hotel stationary envelope with $ inside and leave by the phone.)

Roll-aways can be available at a $20 per night charge, if you ask early. They allow these in King or Queen Rooms.

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