VOLUNTEERS – now go to the 2nd floor, Operations opposite room opposite rooms 265, 267)

Volunteers and Junior Staff!

We are developing a new category of Junior staff. What this means is that a person might  be dedicated to a particular Department like Info or Reg but only work for a shorter amount of time with  2, 4 or more hours over the course of the Con. While not eligible for a Staff room sleep space, they might be for a meal or more at the Staff Lounge or refund of part or all of their Membership fee. Junior Staff must be confirmed well before Jan 1.

Before the Con:  Please contact us by Jan 30 to learn more about the way to “earn” back your conference membership and to contribute to our community.  Contact   glenn@pantheacon.com

At the Con:  go to Operations and check in to learn more about how you can contribute to our community event.

Please be aware that Volunteers are responsible for their own food and lodging during the run of the Con.

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