Membership refund/transfer policy

Refund Policy

We have a policy of full refunds. Requests must be made in writing.  Send an e-mail request to or by USPS mail to:

Ancient Ways 4075 Telegraph Ave Oakland, Ca 94609

Please include name, confirmation #, amount and method of payment.

  1. Refunds will only be made to the person who paid for the membership and the request must come from them.
  2. Refund requests received before February 1st will be processed immediately.
  3. Refund requests received after February 1st  but before the conference will be processed after the conference.
  4. Any refund requests received after the Conference will only be honored if the badge was not picked up and the request is postmarked by March 16th.
  5. Refund requests received after February 1st will only be honored if the badge was NOT picked up at PantheaCon.
  6. No refunds will be made during the Conference.

Transfers of PantheaCon Memberships

Memberships in PantheaCon maybe transferred to another person until February 1st. The request must be by in writing by e-mail or  by USPS from the person who PAID for the membership.  You need to supply the Legal name, address, badge name, phone # and e-mail address (if available) of the person you wish to transfer the membership to.

NO transfer requests will be accepted after February 1st.

You CANNOT transfer the membership onsite.

If someone cannot come, you must request in writing by USPS or e-mail a refund by March 16.

No refund request will be considered after the March 16th deadline

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