Food options at PantheaCon

The hotel does provide several vegan and vegetarian options on the limited conference menu available at the food cart as well as in Springs, the hotel’s main restaurant. The hotel has not in the past provided a detailed list of ingredients but do feel free to ask the hotel staff. Please let conference staff know if you have trouble getting that information so we can try and remedy it with the hotel.

The official conference suite aka ‘The Con Suite’ clearly labels all of their food but be aware that at times there are nut products out and available.

Individual Hospitality Suites frequently have light snacks out for visitors. It is up to the individuals in those suites to determine what is served and if it is labeled. Please be polite and remember that it is supposed to be a SUPPLEMENT to your regular meals, not a replacement for them.

There is also a Trader Joe’s grocery store nearby which carries a wide stock of items, clearly labeled and frequently all organic.

Unfortunately, unless you have a need for refridgeration for medication, there are no room fridges available at the San Jose DoubleTree. Please check at the overflow hotels if you book there, to see what amenities they have available. As the list of hotels and what they offer changes frequently it is not feasible to provide a list here and hope that it stays up to date.

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