Presenter information – Important, please read

1) Upon arrival you FIRST go to the Membership Registration area near the Ballrooms to register and get your membership badge. To be eligible for a presenter discount registration, you must email before January 30th. In this email, please include the titles of each item which you have on the schedule. (If you have been approved for the discount of $15 for each event you have scheduled, you can pick up your refund check at the Green Room.)

2) The Green Room (near the San Jose function Room, see map) You’ll need to check in at the Green Room as soon after your arrival as possible, but no later than 30 minutes before your presentation time-slot.  PantheaCon programming begins at 1PM Friday and at 9AM on every other day. Time slots are 90 minutes in length, with 30 minute breaks in between.  Lunch breaks are an hour (12:30-1:30PM each day), and dinner breaks are two hours (5:00-7:00PM).

3) At your event we ask that you arrive at your designated room at least 15 minutes before your presentation.  You will be assigned a Programming staff member who will introduce themselves and verify the room setup with you.  Please look for them and keep in mind that they will need to locate you in a possibly crowded room, and that you may not be the only person wearing a Presenter ribbon in the room.

4) Please remember that fire of any kind is not allowed in the hotel along with incense, scented sprays, latex materials or glitter.

5) Tech Department If you have requested microphones, speakers, electrical power, or a video projector, PantheaCon’s Tech department will have a staff member in the room as early as possible prior to your presentation for setup. They may also need to be able to find you in a crowd, so please keep an eye out for them. Other important notes:

  • Although the Tech staff will do their best to meet your needs, we largely rely on donated and rented equipment. Due to the possibility of equipment failures and other issues, we cannot promise that we will be able to provide everything you have requested.
  • During your presentation, we ask that you not touch any of the equipment in your presentation room (microphones excepted) unless you have explicitly been given permission by a Tech staff member.
  • After your event, the Tech department asks that you or someone from your presentation group remain in the room until a staff member arrives to retrieve any Tech equipment used during your presentation.
  • Feel free to email if you have any questions before arriving at PantheaCon.

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