What are the hotel rules?

We are sharing with people who may be unfamiliar with our varied ways — Be cool. The elevators, hallways and pool are always “Public” areas. If you are wearing something scanty, please wear a cover-up for when in these shared areas. Costumes are okay, but nudity is not.

Keep “weapons” secure and unobtrusive. No crashing in public areas. There are lots of places to meet and visit. The Coffee Shop has a fair amount of staff turnover, so there may staff waiting on you who will not be used to large ‘fluid’ groups of people at tables — tip generously.

Be as honest as possible about how many people are in the room, but the hotel has a strict “4 people to a room” policy.

Tip early and often. This will help ensure good service, extra towels and pillows etc. (Write “for the maid” on hotel stationary envelope with $ inside and leave by the phone.)

Roll-aways can be available at a $20 per night charge, if you ask early. They allow these in King or Queen Rooms.

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