Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at PantheaCon. California state law allows service dogs in any public area. We do ask that you indicate your animal is a service animal with a vest (if at all possible) so that staff as well as your fellow attendees know that the animal is working.

PantheaCon staff is permitted to ask by law two questions about your animal – if your animal is required because of a diability and what work or task the animal is trained to perform.

Your service animal must be on a leash or otherwise under the control by you. PantheaCon can be a very stressful situation for humans, who understand what is happening, it can be even moreso for companion animals. Please keep that in mind when you attend.

You are NOT required to provide documentation about your service animal.

If however, your animal is out of control or the animal’s owner does not take effective action to control it, or the animal is not housebroken you will be asked by staff to take remedial steps which could ultimately include removing the animal from the convention premises if it is deemed necessary.

This policy has been strongly informed by the Disability Rights of California’s PDF (dated 2011) and as of July 2013 can be found here:

A consolidated listing of California’s guide dog laws is here:

The conference takes place within the city limits of San Jose, California and is in Santa Clara county.

We welcome feedback and suggestions about this policy.

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