Presenter Book Signing and Selling

Presenters have the option of doing book signings/selling at PantheaCon. Your hotel room is NEVER a place to sell books – the law is very clear about this and we do not allow any vending out of rooms; however, you are welcome to sign your books.

Signing or selling at your presentation:

  • You may hold a book signing or sell your book during your presentation.
  • You can also sell your book immediately after your presentation in the hallway outside your presentation room for the 20 minutes after your presentation ends. Please be considerate to the presenters that follow you, as well as traffic patterns in the space.
  • Be sure to let the attendees know during your presentation when – and where – you will be signing your book in addition to your presentation, if you are planning on doing so.

Having your book for sale at the Ancient Ways table:

You can contact the shop ( to see about having it available for sale at the Ancient Ways table.

Arranging additional book signing:

Please let the vendor coordinator ( know what day and time you are interested in book signing by February 6. This information will be in the Convention newsletter and at the Information desk so that convention attendees know that when you are signing besides your presentation time.

  • A sign-up table is set up at the Vendor Staff table located just inside the Main entrance to the Vendor Room – starting AFTER 11:30am on Friday (if you arrive earlier than that you will be turned away and asked to come back later).
  • Slots are 30 minutes long.
  • A signing table is between the Ancient Ways vending table (the next set of tables after the Vendor Staff area) and the Vendor  signup area. Tables may also set up in the Bayshore Foyer opposite or near the entrance to the Vendor Room.

The Vendor Room staff will be available to help you and answer questions at the con. In the meantime if you have any questions please contact

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