Media Policies – Recording and Photography at PantheaCon

Any photography or recording (video or audio) in public convention space (i.e. anything but a private room) MUST be cleared with Glenn and Programming in advance of the convention. This includes any scheduled programming items, any recording of the Vendor areas, Registration, Suites, and Convention operations ( Con Ops, etc). We strongly discourage asking for permission at Con – both Glenn and Programming will be incredibly busy.

We do not require formal model releases for non-commercial use, but attendees must be able to provide informed consent.  That means they need to be notified prior to any photographs being taken or recordings being made:

  1. How the photographs, video or audio recording will be used
  2. Where the media will be posted
  3. For photography, whether faces will be blurred prior to posting


We ask that photographs not have in frame any attendees who have not given their explicit permission to be photographed. Photographers have accomplished this in the past by photographing their subjects against the nearest wall.  If the organizers of a presentation are planning to photograph their audience, we ask that it be mentioned in the event description in the Program Guide, that a notice be posted on the entrance to the event, and that the presenter(s) notify the audience at the beginning of the presentation.

Party Rooms

If you want to record in a party room, please get permission from both the registered hotel guest that is responsible for the room as well as anyone who might come within range of the recording device.  We’re happy to try and work with people to accommodate requests but we want to avoid disrupting the convention itself.

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