Carbon Mitigation program for PantheaCon

The conference staff invites you to help ‘Green’ PantheaCon!  You may make a donation to grassroots climate groups and Carbon fund  to neutralize your PantheaCon carbon footprint. This year we have alocated a large percent of donations to go to La Via Campacina and some other grassroots groups with a smaller part going to Carbon Fund.

By purchasing carbon credits, a person essentially pays for the cost of their contribution to global warming, aka their ‘carbon footprint.’

We recommend that individuals donate $2 to $20 as they register, either with online payments at PayPal or at on-site registration.

PantheaCon has chosen the group to send your donations offsetting your footprints left in getting to this event.  See website for info.

Information on La Via Campacina coming soon.

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