What is PantheaCon?

We are a conference for Pagans, Heathens, Indigenous Non-European and many of diverse beliefs that occurs annually over President’s Day weekend. Well over 2000 people attend more than 200 presentations that range from rituals to workshops and from classes to concerts.

Media Policies – Recording and Photography at PantheaCon

Any photography or recording (video or audio) in public convention space (i.e. anything but a private room) MUST be cleared with Glenn and Programming in advance of the convention. This includes any scheduled programming items, any recording of the Vendor areas, Registration, Suites, and Convention operations ( Con Ops, etc). We strongly discourage asking for permission at Con – both Glenn and Programming will be incredibly busy.

We do not require formal model releases for non-commercial use, but attendees must be able to provide informed consent.  That means they need to be notified prior to any photographs being taken or recordings being made:

  1. How the photographs, video or audio recording will be used
  2. Where the media will be posted
  3. For photography, whether faces will be blurred prior to posting


We ask that photographs not have in frame any attendees who have not given their explicit permission to be photographed. Photographers have accomplished this in the past by photographing their subjects against the nearest wall.  If the organizers of a presentation are planning to photograph their audience, we ask that it be mentioned in the event description in the Program Guide, that a notice be posted on the entrance to the event, and that the presenter(s) notify the audience at the beginning of the presentation.

Party Rooms

If you want to record in a party room, please get permission from both the registered hotel guest that is responsible for the room as well as anyone who might come within range of the recording device.  We’re happy to try and work with people to accommodate requests but we want to avoid disrupting the convention itself.

How to maximize your PantheaCon experience

Greetings! PantheaCon is the nation’s largest multi-tradition pagan religious conference. Our purpose is for everyone to come together in safe place to celebrate Community.

Since we are such a popular event, here are a few guidelines & suggestions to make things easier:

  1. An oldie but a goodie: “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you”. The Golden Rule is essential in a crowded, heavily charged environment. Also, “Please”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me” go a long way towards keeping the peace. Remember, while the Convention is about you as an individual, it’s also about us as a greater spiritual Community, so please act accordingly.
  2. Please treat the all Volunteer Staff with dignity and respect. We work around the clock on site to help you have the best experience possible. Organization, very precise scheduling, limited room capacities and last minute changes are all part of being at a Conference as compared to a Festival.
  3. Read your Schedule of Events Program Guidebook, not just the Pocket Program.The large Program Guidebook has all the details for each event including whether you’ll need your ID, if cell phones are allowed, if it’s a “Closed” presentation, a “Closed” ritual, Adults only, etc. “X” marks the spot for “Closed” presentations that will start promptly, so be patiently lined up and waiting outside the room at least 15 minutes early but no earlier than 30 minutes for Big Names and/or popular presentations.
  4. Pick only 3 ‘”must see” presentations a day to have fun and play. Because of the popularity of this conference and our room sizes, you will not be able to see everything you want, so plan accordingly and go with the flow. Doing something in every other time slot is ideal because it gives you plenty of time to eat, rest and line-up. While in line, take the opportunity to meet new people, network and turn it into a fun, productive space.
  5. Remember, if you have a disability that is not immediately apparent, please let a Staff member know so we can accommodate you at the front of the line.
  6. Keep a Watch or Timepiece other than your phone with you at all times and check it frequently.We must run a tight ship time-wise so it is your responsibility to know how long it takes you to get across the hotel, where the rooms are located and allot extra time for slow elevators and servers.
  7. You MUST wear shoes in all the Common areas. This has always been Hotel policy and we need to enforce it. You seriously do not want to walk barefooted on these carpets, especially in the high traffic areas.
  8. Breathe, Ground & Center frequently. With so many openly spiritual people crammed into such a small space, it’s very important to remember to use your shields and review & reset your personal wards at various points during the day.
  9. DO NOT photograph any attendees without their explicit permission.  We take attendee privacy very seriously.  Please see your Program Guide for more information.

Again, we welcome you and thank you in advance for your awesome behavior so everyone here can have a great Con. May Peace & Cooperation prevail!

Presenter information – link to Resources

Visit our Resources For Presenters page for information and answers to Presenter FAQs.

Food options at PantheaCon

The hotel does provide several vegan and vegetarian options on the limited conference menu available at the food cart as well as in Springs, the hotel’s main restaurant. The hotel has not in the past provided a detailed list of ingredients but do feel free to ask the hotel staff. Please let conference staff know if you have trouble getting that information so we can try and remedy it with the hotel.

The official conference suite aka ‘The Con Suite’ clearly labels all of their food but be aware that at times there are nut products out and available.

Individual Hospitality Suites frequently have light snacks out for visitors. It is up to the individuals in those suites to determine what is served and if it is labeled. Please be polite and remember that it is supposed to be a SUPPLEMENT to your regular meals, not a replacement for them.

There is also a Trader Joe’s grocery store nearby which carries a wide stock of items, clearly labeled and frequently all organic.

Unfortunately, unless you have a need for refridgeration for medication, there are no room fridges available at the San Jose DoubleTree. Please check at the overflow hotels if you book there, to see what amenities they have available. As the list of hotels and what they offer changes frequently it is not feasible to provide a list here and hope that it stays up to date.

Hotel Parking

Parking charges for all attendees and overnight guests with PantheaCon will be $13 with validation. Only hotel guests have in-and-out privileges.

Be aware that parking is in short supply and you may have to park at a distance. Local office complexes may have parking on the weekend, but not on Friday.

If you have a handicap placard there is a limited amount of accessible spaces at the hotel but they tend to fill early. Please plan appropriately as there is insufficient parking at the hotel overall.


All the Volunteer info is kept here

Advertising in the Program Guide, guidelines

Full Page 7.5″w X 9.75″h $245
Half Page—horizontal 7.5″w X 4.75″h $125
Half Page—vertical 3.5″w X 9.75″h $125
Quarter Page 3.5″w X 4.75″h $65
Eighth Page (business card) 3.5″w X 2″h $35

Please send your fees (check preferred) to Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94609.

Ads are only in black and white, no color business cards can be used unless they can be copied as black and white.

Ads can be submitted after October 15 in PDF format with a line screen of 300dpi to glenn@ancientways.com  No ads will be accepted after January 15. The best format is PDF. We can work with several other formats if absolutely necessary:

  • Adobe InDesign, version CS3 (INDD)
  • Adobe Illustrator, version CS3 (AI or EPS)
  • Adobe Photoshop, version CS3 (PSD)
  • TIF and BMP are also acceptable. Please do not send JPGs or

All fonts MUST be converted to outlines, and photos MUST be at least 300dpi.

Professional ad design assistance is available at $75 per hour. Email glenn@ancientways.com for the designer’s contact information. We reserve the right to edit or reject any ad at our discretion for any reason.

Program Guides for previous PantheaCons

Click on the links below to access Program Guides from previous years:

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