Care and Feeding of the hotel

The Doubletree Hotel is the host space for PantheaCon.

Traditionally the hotel staff has been very happy to have us and been responsive to our requests. Please be kind to them and don’t forget to tip the service staff. However……

The hotel is an  older hotel with an older A/C heat system in the common spaces including the programming/function rooms. We do our absolute best to keep the rooms in a comfortable range but this isn’t always *your* comfortable temperature range. It’s not unusual for the rooms to be cool in the morning and warm to overly warm by afternoon. With every space filled to capacity the A/C cannot keep up if we don’t start it early and even then it doesn’t always keep up. Programming staff are open to comments about it and will do what they can but we can’t always make a shift, especially quickly (under two hours). We encourage everyone to bring a layer or two that you can put on and shed at need throughout the very long day.

If you notice something broken, please do let the PantheaCon staff (or a hotel staffer if you see them) know. We’d rather hear about it 20 times than not at all.

If you are staying in the hotel and there is a problem with your room your first call should be to the front desk but if that doesn’t resolve it to your satisfaction within a few hours/half a day we want to know! Please stop by Convention Operations so we can try to help. We can’t promise a fix, especially with the hotel at capacity but we’ll do everything we can and definitely be generating a list to share with hotel management both during and after the event.

Information on the hotel restaurant menus will be posted in January.

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