Room Reservations at the DoubleTree for 2013

Room Reservations at the DoubleTree for 2013

For PantheaCon 2013, we are implementing a new process that should avoid the hotel system’s limitations. DoubleTree room reservations will be handled PantheaCon.  On March 17 at noon, we opened the first 100 rooms for application through an online form at the PantheaCon website. When the first 100 applications were received, we sent that information to the hotel and notified people by email to phone the hotel to confirm their reservation. Only one room reservation per person is available, with only a few exceptions for children.

Other important notes:

A small block of rooms for those with disabilities and small children has been set aside for special application. This block has been notified.

The hotel reservation system mistakenly allowed people to reserve rooms, but those reservations were voided. Our contract with them states that we handle room applications. Our apologies for any problems and concerns this new more fair system has produced.

The reservation of suites and party rooms has always been limited to assignment by the conference to groups that are hosting parties over the weekend. If you have a group that wants to host a party, let us know when you fill out the form for a room application. You should email hotels at to apply for a room on the 2nd, 9th or10th floor party floors. Rooms on these floors typically have gone to established groups that keep open house hours; priority goes to return groups that have actually had more than one party.

Rooms are not transferrable. Cancelled reservations will be returned to the PantheaCon block.

Programming begins on Friday and ends on Monday. Some people may want arrive early to accommodate plane reservations or to more slowly wind down.

The Next Phase of Double Tree Hotel Room reservations

1.     The online form will be available again starting on Friday October 19th and ending on Thursday October 25th.

2.      These rooms will be allocated via lottery (random drawing) of all complete and processable records in the database. At a minimum this means that every record must have First and Last Name, Check-in and Check-out dates, a valid email address and a valid phone number. Of course the more data that is complete the better. And as before there is still a limit of one room per person and they are not transferrable.

3 We will process the next set of rooms after Nov 1 – the exact number of rooms is still to be determined but we expect it to be at least another 100 or more. We will hold the drawing from all records left from the first phase along with any new records received. Everyone will have an equal chance at a room at this time.

4.      If you already filled out a form, you DO NOT need to create a new request. Your current record will remain in the database, but we strongly encourage you to double check and update your record during that week. This will allow for any possible changes in your dates, phone number, email address, street address or even other request details.

5.      New records can be made, so if someone did not get a request submitted in March, they will have another chance.

6.      Once we close down the form we will need some time to process the data and prepare it for the drawing.

7.      We anticipate notifying the lucky individuals by Mid-November. We are trying to allow more time for this process based on the time the first phase took, and to be up front about it.

Thanks for your time and patience during this process. As with any new undertaking it’s been rocky and educational and we feel that the changes made for the second phase will make it better.

If you have questions about this process, please direct them to


The PantheaCon 2013 Hotel Room Crew


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