Policy on Limited Access Events

PantheaCon will adhere to state and federal laws which require age limitations and non-discrimination on the basis of age, race, national origin or gender. We also affirm the importance of safe space and will continue to schedule presentations that limit attendance to specific groups of individuals.  All workshops or rituals that say “Women Only” or “Men Only” will be open to all who self-identify as such.

PantheaCon cannot police all boundaries. One thing has become evident, simply seeking to make restrictions on gender unambiguous is not sufficient. Prospective presenters applying to make group-specific presentations should be clear in their language about limitations and observe these guidelines.  Private rooms, including Hospitality Suites, at the DoubleTree are not subject to this policy.  In the past, groups have held invitation-only events and skyclad rituals in private rooms, and PantheaCon will not interfere in these private arrangements.

PantheaCon aims to provide a safe environment for all of its attendees to enjoy their diverse paths.  As we evolve, this policy may be subject to some nuanced changes in the future.  We welcome any and all comments on this policy.  Feel free to email feedback@pantheacon.com – although we cannot promise a response, all emails will be read.

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