PantheaCon 2018 Schedule

If you would like to have the schedule as a PDF it is here. The full program book that will be available shortly before con will have additional information like the presenter biographies.

As changes occur (and time allows) I will update the PDF as well as the listing below. Current as of 1/16/2018. We are not using any other schedule tools this year such as our personal schedule tool or

Changes as of 1/16 and already reflected below:

  • Cemetary Work 101 – canceled
  • NROOGD 50th Anniversary Celebration – added
  • Spark Collective – added


Date Time Room Title Description Presenter Tradition
Friday 11:00 AM Oak Opening Ritual Join our blessing of our space and gathering. We will call to the quarters, to the ancestors and spirits of this place to bring protection, blessings and joy to our gathering. Glenn Turner & friends General Pagan
Friday 1:30 PM Cedar/ Pine Land, Sea & Sky – A Community Ritual Join Druid Chief Kristoffer Hughes and members of the Anglesey Druid Order for a unique and dynamic ritual through the three realms of Land, Sea & Sky. Meet the Deities of the three realms, and with song, chant and voice we will sing in praise of inspiration, of Awen and community; in a ritual to affirm the bonds between the seen and unseen realms. Together we will honour the ancestors of our physical world and celebrate this global tribe of Pagans who gather in the spirit of joy, community and celebration. Bring your voices, your hearts and your joy. Anglesey Druid Order Celtic / Druid
Friday 1:30 PM Oak Magical Safety 101: Grounding and Cleansing Magical events – like the one you’re at right now – present unique safety challenges. Grounding and cleansing are two basic techniques that can solve a variety of common magical and energetic issues. In this class you’ll learn several methods for grounding and cleansing and then practice them on yourself and other participants. You’ll also learn how to recognize problems that can’t be solved by grounding or cleansing. Think of this class as the magical version of a basic first aid training course! No prior warding or ritual experience required. Hannah Storyteller and John Medellin  
Friday 1:30 PM San Jose The Magic Of Food– Rituals, Offerings, & Eating Together Add a pinch of lecture, a dash of workshop and two large scoops of ritual and you’ll get a sense of what this offering is all about. Explore ancient pagan food rituals from around the world, designed to appease the gods and bring all manner of good fortune to your household. Tuck into scrumptious morsels of knowledge and wisdom from modern day kitchen witchery practices, including preparing ritual meals and creating the perfect sensual feast. We’ll make ritual together. You’ll leave with new magical tools. And yes, we’ll even east something! Gwion Raven General Pagan
Friday 1:30 PM Santa Clara Leadership Training – Teaching the Spiral Path This class is comprised of three parts: 1: Learn to monitor a student’s energy and offer the correct information & energy at the right time. Learn to teach in harmony with your students and Gaia herself. 2:This short lecture highlights why the ego drives us to behave the way we do & a few tools in how to magically transform this reality. 3:Growing up in a world where magical gifts are invalidated creates many kinds of distortions in one’s perceptions. Learning to live with your magical talents is vital to being a successful, highly functioning magical being. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church Wicca
Friday 1:30 PM Silicon Valley Arming the Warriors of the Earth: An Activist’s Ritual In this deity-free rite of commitment and empowerment, participants will be charged with qualities they may call upon to be effective activists and advocates for the Earth and for justice. Mark Green Tradition not listed
Friday 3:30 PM Carmel/ Monterey The Horned God in the British Isles For thousands of years, the Horned God has resided in the British Isles in various forms.  To the ancient Celts, he was The Horned One, Cernunnos.  In the Middle Ages he whispered to his followers in Christian Churches as the Green Man.  As Herne, he became an English icon. Learn the real histories behind these powerful figures and how they all fit together.  Find out how these three gods became an essential part of Contemporary Paganism, and why their messages still resonate today.    Jason Mankey General Pagan
Friday 3:30 PM Cedar/ Pine Miriam’s Well: Sustaining and Renewing our Magic Miriam—an ancient Hebrew Goddess long before she became a Biblical figure—was said to have a well that followed her wherever she went. We too can find deep sources of strength and regeneration that can replenish our energy and deepen our magic even when we wander in the desert of our current social and environmental breakdowns. Right now, we are more than ever called to step into our full power and creativity, to maintain hope and compassion, to hold our vision and the commitment to make it real. This interactive workshop we will co-create ritual and drink from the well of renewal. Starhawk Goddess Spirituality
Friday 3:30 PM Oak Kitchen Witchery Whether in village life throughout history, at a public festival, or in an intimate circle, communities of Pagans bond over feasting and food. In this fun and informative presentation, Katrina Rasbold, Witch, avid cook, and author of Goddess in the Kitchen, explores the magical properties of inherent in foods and the energy we inject into the meals we cook. Learn how surrounding moods, colors, and intentions affect the trusted and primal act of feeding other humans, whether for group gatherings, for family meals, or even for yourself. Katrina Rasbold  
Friday 3:30 PM San Carlos Neo Tribal ethics Ancient tribes had a built -in, commonly understood assumption about what constituted ethical behavior to keep group and interpersonal harmony. This is a presentation about Neo tribal ethics in the Am Ha Aretz aka Amha tradition of tribal warriors shepherds and farmers, generic enough to be of use to other groups.Come with questions EliSheva Indigenous Non-European
Friday 3:30 PM San Jose Reiki 1 Explorer: Enhance Healing/Sensing ability Reiki Explorer is the latest form of the popular healing art Reiki. Reiki originated in early 19th century Japan. It is used by millions worldwide for stress reduction and to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki is extremely beneficial for Pagans and Energy Practitioners seeking to increase their abilities. Regardless of your natural level of psychic/spiritual/healing aptitude, Reiki will increase the amount of Ki you have access to use, and improve your sensitivity to energy. This class connects you to the Reiki and teaches you the basics. Come practice at our Hospitality Suite. Jessica Reiki Miller Tradition not listed
Friday 3:30 PM San Juan Growing Sacred Saffron The majority of the world’s saffron grows in some of the most poor and ethnically-violent areas of the Middle East. Being the most expensive spice in the world, it is also the most fraudulently traded. For magickal or culinary consumers who want genuine, ethical and organic saffron, this workshop will teach you how to grow your own! Material will cover a brief magickal/spiritual history of saffron, how to correctly identify Crocus sativa and saffron threads, and container and in-ground growing. Raye Schwarz Ecology/Sustainability
Friday 3:30 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Designing and Running Safer Rituals When creating and running rituals, ritualists have a responsibility to account for the emotional, mental, and magical safety of their participants. Rituals can be made “safer” when there are plans in place to account for issues that may arise, and ritual team members assigned the responsibility of tending and caring for priests, participants, the space, and the energies, gods and spirits involved. In this workshop, we will discuss practical individual and group warding techniques and ritual safety plans, and practice some of these techniques together. River Devora General Pagan
Friday 3:30 PM Santa Clara Language in Occult and Devotional Relations Languages are the fabric of relationship, occult and devotional, divine and profane. This presentation explores the use of ancient, liturgical, modern, and constructed languages in occult and devotional practice. Whether as an act of religious devotion itself or as a vehicle for the establishment of holy space and ritual purity, the use of languages reflects a fundamental connectiveness to the divine. James Hoscyns & Anomalous Thracian  
Friday 3:30 PM Silicon Valley Accessing Norse Ancestral Archetypes In the times of the Old Norse, connecting with ancestors was an integral part of community and spiritual practice. It was common to call upon specific individuals of a family-line, and the lore indicates that these ascended beings fall into four archetypal categories. We will explore the traits given to these ancestral archetypes, how they relate to centers of the brain, and their connections to subtle bodies of the soul complex. Learn to tap into their energies and wisdom, which can enhance every aspect of your being and improve your connections within your communities. Kaedrich Olsen Asatru / Heathen
Friday 5:15 PM Carmel The Furious Revels In communities throughout Europe, stretching back as far as 2500 years or more, folks have gathered during the dark season, donned grotesque masks and bestial costumes, and wildly cavorted through their towns to drive out evil spirits and the doldrums of winter. Let’s prepare the Doubletree for PantheaCon properly with a good, thorough and time-tested European cleansing tradition. Bring your furs, antlers, horns, masks, grotesque costumes, rattles, drums, bells, and brooms. Join the Furious Revels for a wild cavort, and let’s spiritually cleanse the hotel the old fashioned way! River Devora  
Friday 7:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey Nathaniel Johnstone sings about cats and life. Mythpunk Songwriter Nathaniel Johnstone performs a selection of his songs. You will hear deliberations on cats, life, hats, and other horrifying things. Nathaniel Johnstone  
Friday 7:00 PM Cedar/ Pine Becoming Whole, Becoming Powerful: Techniques for Conscious Co-Creation: The path to becoming an actualized magic worker requires us to develop discernment, discipline and direction. Out of this grows magical muscle for the heavy lifting before us in these times of change. Orion teaches several techniques to support this aimed at (a) accessing and healing ancestral promise and paradox; (b) forging an envisioned future; (c) tapping the wisdom of our foundations and the expansiveness of the heavens; and (d) drawing upon the centeriing power of the earth. Our magical community is only as strong as its individual parts. Lets hear, revere, grow and know the center we occupy and heal our world and each other….NOW! (Adults only please.) Orion Foxwood Faerie / Feri
Friday 7:00 PM Oak Introduction to the Drum Circle New to Drumming? Never touched a drum? Have a drum and don’t know what to do with it? Maybe just looking for a different Drumming Experience? This is the workshop for you. Experience not required! Have a drum? Bring it! No drum? We have some – and other noisy toys for you to borrow. Don Schulz  
Friday 7:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Magickal Fun and Games Discover some fun games and exercies you can use to strengthen your magickal abilities and boost your E.S.P. All ages welcome, and fun for all ages! Melanie Marquis  
Friday 7:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Pagans of Color Caucus As in previous years, the caucus is a space for self-identified people of color only. In this time together, we will meet for discussion, sharing, and mutual support. What strength can we draw from our diverse legacies? What can we ask of each other, in these difficult times? How can we best look after and advocate for each other? Pull up a chair–let’s work it out. Elena Rose General Pagan
Friday 7:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Ritual for the Earth Mother This year’s Pantheacon theme–Sustainable, Caring Community–is something ADF Druids strive for. Sustainability is the only way that we as a community can survive, and community service is a requirement for all Groves in ADF. We have chosen the theme of this year’s ritual to align with Pantheacon’s, and that is a Ritual to the Earth Mother. The magical working will focus on calling upon the many gods of agriculture to show us how to care for our Mother Earth. We will have seed packets to distribute, so those who attend can take those seeds with them and plant something beautiful. Our ritual is open to all and it is a designated safe space. ADF Celtic / Druid
Friday 7:00 PM Silicon Valley Welcoming the Sabbath Bride Jew-friendly Pagans, Pagan-friendly Jews, and those who find ways to be Heathen and non-Heathen at the same time, please join us as we welcome the Jewish Sabbath. There’ll be a short prayer service (where the Hebrew God is acknowledged to encompass a feminine form!) followed by wine and bread and maybe something tasty to nosh upon. A Couple of Jews Tradition not listed
Friday 9:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey Pagan Humor 10! That’s Like a Decade… This will be volume 10. Yeah, that’s what I said: “Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!” Do you remember anything about #1 or 2? Neither do I. Great! Let’s do #2 again – I seem to recall that one being pretty good. Angus McMahan General Pagan
Friday 9:00 PM Cedar/ Pine Rene Collins and The Great Movement If the saying “Music is the Soul given a voice” is true, then Rene Collins is that voice. Infusing African spirituality with reggae, jazz, folk, and a hint of Hip hop for taste, he blends together a sound, as contemporary as it is timeless. His music gives us more than something to fill the silence. He imparts to us words of wisdom and light in a perfect marriage of insight and love. Rene Collins  
Friday 9:00 PM Oak A Ritual of Commitment: Weaving a Spell of Resistance Reclaiming witchcraft is rooted in the unification of spirit and politics. Magic between the worlds changes all the worlds and today we need magic of collective resistance. How can our magic help make a better world? How can our ancestors of blood, spirit and politics aid us? This is ritual of commitment and celebration. We call on our Mighty Dead, on our wild activist hearts, and on each other. Let us tear down the web of lies, and enliven our magic. We will make personal and collective pledges, and leave witnessed and recharged. We are not alone in this work. Reclaiming Bay Area Faerie / Feri
Friday 9:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Reiki Explorer: Speed Reiki Techniques Reiki/Energy healers: In the real world there is often not time for an hour-long session. What can you do to help someone in 3 minutes or less? Headaches, fears/phobia, worry, pain, stress, frustration. Further training/practice available at our Hospitality Suite. Prerequisite: Reiki training or similar healing ability. Jessica Reiki Miller Tradition not listed
Friday 9:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Devotional to Ariadne Enter the Labyrinth to meet the divine Priestess of the mysteries, Ariadne. A mortal princess of divine blood, a descendant of gods, she of the starry crown. So much more than the wife of Dionysos. Adults 21+ only. Wine will be offered, there is no requirement to partake. Lon Sarver and Thiasos Bakkheios Hellenic / Roman
Friday 9:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon The Bawdy Divine Dance like sex has been used through time as a means to raise energy and convey the ineffable. The two intersect in the art of Burlesque. This workshop is part play, part vulnerability and all about harnessing and integrating the power of erotic movement to shield, cleanse space, manifest desires and heal thine own sacred self. Join Irene McCalphin aka Magnoliah Black for magic made in movement and mischief. Body Shaming will not be tolerated. Body Celebration Will Be Magnified. Accessible to all bodies and abilities. 18+ Irene McCalphin  
Friday 9:00 PM Silicon Valley Building Community Seed Ritual Building Community: Most of us have never sat and cleaned seed together. It is an intimate yet social time of laughter, chatter, and storytelling. NO experience needed, we will be work with beans, a wonderful teaching seed! The seeds we clean together will be donated to community gardens, seed banks, and food sovereignty projects. Building Ritual: Even though modern paganism is heavily rooted in agrarian traditions, we retain very little knowledge of their seed and plant magics. Consequently, most modern seed rituals are heavily appropriated from Indigenous peoples. So together let’s create something entirely new! Diana Heideman Ecology/Sustainability
Friday 11:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey Striga: Magic, Spirituality, and Electronica Singer/songwriter and electronic music composer Striga presents a unique and imaginative blend of electronica with new age and techno influences, adding a touch of fantasy, spirituality, and even a small dose of the spooky. Sometimes energetic and uplifting, at other times dark and somber, but always witchy. Striga  
Friday 11:00 PM Cedar/ Pine DANCE ELEMENTAL – Community in Motion An ecstatic dance experience not to be missed! Move and flow with the rhythm in community, to witness, be witnessed, and to remind ourselves of the beauty that we are. The Elements are ever-present within us, building blocks to sustain our growth and stability. Embody Divine Nature through sacred ecstatic dance. Celebrate together, and allow your inner light to be revealed! All ages and genders welcome. DevaGnosis General Pagan
Friday 11:00 PM Oak Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass Liber XV, also known as The Gnostic Mass, written by Aleister Crowley, is the central public ritual of Ordo Templi Orientis. Join us in this participatory sacramental ritual, and experience the mysteries of the Mass! Age limited to over-18, as there is some nudity. 418 Lodge OTO Ceremonial
Friday 11:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Chat with Odin at the Hearth Come on in and sit for a spell. Odin will be welcoming you to the hearth to engage in conversation. While it is possible we may try to tackle a clearer understanding of the world, more likely we’ll be working on clarifying who Odin is to us individually, as well as the broader community. Anyone from any tradition or belief is welcome While this is a discussion circle, there will be an aspect of ritual experience as Odin will likely be attending through trance possession. Please, no children as knowing consent is needed. Dave Shultz Asatru / Heathen
Friday 11:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Mystery Discordian Mystery Ritual The Deep and Eleftherian mysteries of Discordianism truly defy all possible description, so please stop reading this paragraph now. Delve into the mysteries of Eris, discovering not only the who, but also the where, and the using-what-implement! Also with optional variant endings! That is beginning to sound like a game of Clue, isn’t it? And hey, weren’t you supposed to stop reading? Open to all genders, ESPECIALLY MYSTERY GENDERS. Discordian
Friday 11:00 PM Silicon Valley Witchcraft and the Queer Counterculture This workshop will explore the following themes: 1. Witchcraft as a form of resistance to oppression and likewise the struggles and narrative of queerness as a form of resistance to white-supremacist cis-heteronormative patriarchy. 2. The flesh as the Hedge, the body of the queer witch as the threshold of ecstasy and transgression. Self as Other/Other as Self. 3. Queer sex magic and the “”Faggot Mysteries.” The final part of the workshop will feature a ritual with participants invoking the Queer Witch Ancestors and asking for their aid in our work. Doors close at start. Troll Huldren Faerie / Feri
Saturday 9:00 AM Carmel/ Monterey ENFOLDING THE GREEN WORLD IN YOUR COMMUNITY We can become so focused on the challenges and foibles of our human communities that we forget to include our habitat and the plants and animals who coexist with us in a larger definition of Community. How can we learn to cherish the living world around us, and build relationships with the natural environment and the creatures who share it? Can wild animals and the members of the plant kingdom be our partners, colleagues, teachers, healers, and friends? Learn and discuss the ways and means to this symbiotic world. Presenter: Amber K, Author and Executive Director of Ardantane. Amber K Ecology/Sustainability
Saturday 9:00 AM Cedar Basic Self-Defense at Home and on the Street Avoiding violence is always the safest course, but sometimes, violence comes to you. Come learn some simple, practical Krav Maga techniques for dealing with common attacks that you may encounter on the street or in domestic situations. No previous physical training is necessary. Open to anyone 15 years or older of any gender or fitness level. Expect mild to moderate physical exertion and light physical contact with strangers. If you cannot participate you are welcome to observe. Active participants limited to 30 people. Hannah Storyteller  
Saturday 9:00 AM Oak Sunrise Yoga Rise, shine and rejuvenate as you experience a unique series of Yoga poses that flow smoothly to accommodate all levels. Discover how to activate the seven energy centers, “Chakras” and balance the body’s energies physically and mentally. Increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress and enhance the feeling of well-being for life, 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. Lisa J. Hamlin  
Saturday 9:00 AM Pine Reclaiming Rhiannon Rhiannon of Wales is a beloved Goddess with many modern devotees, even though the lore never identifies her as a divinity. Together, we will engage in some mythic archaeology and trace her divine lineage through history in order to explore the truth of Rhiannon’s nature. We will then journey to connect with Rhiannon herself, in order to deepen or initiate a relationship with the Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons. Jhenah Telyndru Celtic / Druid
Saturday 9:00 AM San Carlos Hecate at the Crossroads: A Challenging Yoga Practice Do you have the courage to meet the dark goddess? Commit your entire body and experience the transformation waiting at the crossroads. Take your connection to deity to the next level. This vinyasa flow-style practice is intended for intermediate level yoga practitioners but a warm-up and breakdown of the movements will be included – all are welcome. Those with movement limitations may experience the meditation seated. Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga mats are not required but if you have one, bring it along. Limited to 10 attendees ages 13 and up. Doors close at the beginning of the presentation. Heather Westenhofer General Pagan
Saturday 9:00 AM San Jose Plant and Mineral Allies for Resistance For those engaged in direct, in person activism, ways and means to engage the support of our fellow plant and mineral Beings for protection, place holding, rebalancing and healing. Jacki Chuculate  
Saturday 9:00 AM San Juan Morning Qi Gong Class This a class qi gong used to raise and balance the life force. Its a good way to start the day before sessions start. Well be doing specific movements which are combined with breathing. We will also be using healing sounds. At the end everyone will feel amazing! Rene Collins Tradition not listed
Saturday 9:00 AM San Martin Company of Heaven: Group work in the Western Mystery Tradition Initiation is the journey by which women and men may trace the hidden path between individuated personality and indwelling divinity, and as such is at root a solitary endeavor. Others can aid in this work, however, whether they be teachers lending what wisdom they may or fellow aspirants seeking the keys to their own inner truth and purpose. We will discuss initiation generally, the role other individuals can play in initiation, and the value of community as it pertains to magical practice and spiritual growth. Zeph Bender Ceremonial
Saturday 9:00 AM San Simeon Beginning Devotional Practice Devotional practice engages our emotions, creativity, and desire for relationship and directs them towards the sacred. Beginning this special form of engagement can be confusing, even intimidating. What does a devotional practice actually look like? How do you get started? How do you know you’re doing it right? These are just some of the topics that will be covered in this special presentation. Together we will demystify devotional practice and talk about the ways that people can bring focused emotional engagement to their spiritual lives. Silence Maestas General Pagan
Saturday 9:00 AM Santa Clara Introduction to Buddhist-Taoist Esotericism Taoism is a nature-based religion, philosophy, and tradition of sorcery native to China formed around 600 BC. One hundred years later, Buddhism enters China and a modality of it, esoteric Buddhism, is blended in with Taoist magic. This introductory lecture will cover the ontology, theory, history, and cultural practice of sorcery at the intersection of esoteric Buddhism and Taoism. We’ll discuss the syncretic nature of Taoist magic and how the contemporary practitioner of Western mystery traditions can integrate facets of Taoist magic into personal renderings of craft. Benebell Wen Tradition not listed
Saturday 9:00 AM Silicon Valley Gen-Y (X/M-illennials) – Let me hear you! This discussion is for the generation following Gen X, ~1980 through ~1997. This includes Xillennials & Millennials! I invite you to bring your thoughts, frustrations, and hopes to share with the cohort as we talk about how our paganism is different than previous generations, our plans for the future, and taking our seat at the table as leaders in our varying traditions/paths. We’ll end with a general meet & greet as time permits! Other generations are welcome, but we ask that you respect the voices of the 20 to 30-somethings this discussion is geared for. Grace Kilpatrick General Pagan
Saturday 11:00 AM Carmel/ Monterey Building Alliances Across Our Many Communities Our need for strong tribes is great, but so is our need for alliances with other tribes who share our concerns even if they do not share our beliefs and practices. This presentation will explore how we can form and maintain intrafaith alliances with other Pagan groups, interfaith alliances with other religions, and secular alliances with non-religious groups. It will also look at our relationships with our spiritual allies in this world and beyond. And it will look at how we can work with others for the common good even when we have disagreements with them. John Beckett Celtic / Druid
Saturday 11:00 AM Cedar The Magickal Mandrake Mandrake is one of the most interesting and mysterious of the Witch’s Plants. An herb of Venus and Saturn, as well as an aphrodisiac, sedative, and poison, does it deserve its sinister reputation? In this class, hear the folklore associated with the plant, along with my own experiences growing and working with it as a spiritual ally and teacher. Then experience the mandrake directly through the ritual use of mandrake flower essence and a guided visionary journey. Christopher Penczak Wicca
Saturday 11:00 AM Oak Healing Ancestral Wounds Do you have patterns in your family line that have been pasted down generation after generation of: abuse, addictions, depression, etc? Do you feel along with any “curses” there might be blessings in your lineage of: healers, entrepreneurs, artists or more? In this workshop we will learn how to “inspect” the four lines of: Mother’s/Mother, Mother’s/Father, Father’s/Father and Father’s/Mother. Using the system crafted by Daniel Foor 10+ years ago. Discover a “safe and effective” method to heal the tears in your lineage, and reconnect with your very own “Elevate Ancient Ones.” Luna Pantera Shamanic
Saturday 11:00 AM Pine When The Last Leaf Falls A community is defined by the bonds that hold it together. But what happens when those bonds are torn at the seams? Grief and Bereavement can tear people’s lives apart, a true measure of community is how we react and rise to help. How can we offer true support in people’s darkest of hours? Coroner Kristoffer Hughes will guide you in his inimitable way to understand human bereavement and loss, and help you develop spiritually appropriate tools of listening, counselling, emotional and spiritual support, and to help people make sense of separation and the importance of emotional relocation. Kristoffer Hughes General Pagan
Saturday 11:00 AM San Carlos Touch and Consent in Witchcraft Traditions Because of our focus on the holiness of the body, touch practices are an important part of many witchcraft traditions. How can we create an environment in our groups where consensual, engaged, pleasurable touch can occur? In this workshop, we will discuss some theologies of touch in Wicca, Anderson Faery, and other witchcraft traditions; learn the basics of consent culture; discuss ethical dilemmas around sharing touch; and practice asking for, receiving, and refusing touch. Doors will close when the presentation begins to create a safe container for discussion. Christine Hoff Kraemer Faerie / Feri
Saturday 11:00 AM San Jose Care and feeding of an intentional groups and members Pagans often report trying to form intentional groups; alas, ,differences escalate to conflict, groups quickly dissolve. I am sharing what I have learned over the years about the solutions that can help an intentional group to stay together happily EliSheva Indigenous Non-European
Saturday 11:00 AM San Juan The Timeless Wisdom of Self Care Many of us are working through turbulent times and trying to identify what elements support healthy physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing for self preservation. How can we integrate lessons from our ancestors, connect to magical elements of resilience and push through challenges of survival to support creation of our own safe spaces? Join two mental health professionals for discussion and spiritual activities that speak to our magical ability to integrate ancestral knowledge, self care, personal empowerment and connection to our deities as a collective formula to thrive. Crystal Blanton and Unkle Blacktalon Destiny  
Saturday 11:00 AM San Martin Reclaiming the Sefirot Paths of the Tree of Life Explaining how the Occult Qabalah got misled in assigning the Hebrew letters onto the paths of the Tree. Using the Sefer Yetzirah to realign those paths and thus to offer new insights into the Tarot’s Major Arcanna. Gary Jaron Divination
Saturday 11:00 AM San Simeon Mushrooms: Children of The Rain Humans have been interacting with mushrooms around the globe since the stone age. There are used for food, medicine, and reaching higher states of consciousness. Research in last 20 years has brought to light just how magickal these fungi are. This presentation will illuminate the multi-faceted aspects of mushrooms, in regards to environmental remediation, permaculture, and medicinal value. James Edmonds  
Saturday 11:00 AM Santa Clara The Pagan Theurgy of Eros Theurgy is the ritual process for communication with the Gods. An ancient Pagan tradition uses Eros to ascend to Divinity, proceeding through initiatory stages of Purification, Illumination, and Divine Union. It was described by Diotima, the Wise Woman in Plato’s “Symposium,” and developed by Marsilio Ficino, who made Pagan learning available in Europe. In this workshop I will describe the steps in the Neoplatonic Ascent by Love from my recent book, “The Wisdom of Hypatia.” We will do visualizations and contemplative exercises so you learn the technique and can apply it alone or with another. Bruce MacLennan Hellenic / Roman
Saturday 11:00 AM Silicon Valley Men’s Spirituality and Mysteries Ivan Richmond has been involved with men’s spirituality, men’s Mysteries, and rites of passage into manhood for over 10 years. He will present a talk on general issues of men’s spirituality, men’s only rituals, and what’s involved in a rite of passage into manhood. He will describe the approach that his Hellenic group uses and explain how it can be adapted to other traditions. Ivan Richmond General Pagan
Saturday 1:30 PM Carmel/ Monterey Into the Streets! Engaging as a Community Witch/Pagan Skills, practices and precautions for working your magic within your local activist/at-risk communities who do not identify primarily as pagan. Jacki Chuculate  
Saturday 1:30 PM Cedar Tarot Reading Circle Working together intuitively increases everyone’s skills as you will discover in this Tarot reading circle. You will give and receive impressions from Tarot images for the benefit of all – whether you’ve ever read a Tarot card before or not. No matter your expertise, you will learn new skills and deepen your divinatory and intuitive awareness. Each person will receive several messages from the heart regarding a personal question. Suitable for everyone. Doors close around 10 minutes in. Mary Greer Divination
Saturday 1:30 PM Oak Toppling the Tower: Watch Your Head The work of last year continues. As the tower topples and the bricks fall those at the bottom are often confronted with the hardest challenges. Join ThaHood AlKemist, Justin Stanley & Irene McCalphin as they share spells and rituals for resilience, justice and sustainability. We will close with a ritual for the empowerment and protection of ourselves and our communities as we continue to fight together and love eachother fiercely. Revolutionary Witchcraft  
Saturday 1:30 PM Pine Building the Cone of Power Most Witchcraft books reference “building the cone of power” but what exactly is the cone of power and how do a group of Witches effectively build one together? Explore the ins and outs of raising energy along with how to cast a powerful circle in order to create truly memorable and powerful ritual experiences. This workshop combines the history, theory, and the hands on building of a cone of power in one concise package. Come ready to raise some energy and learn some new tricks! Jason Mankey General Pagan
Saturday 1:30 PM San Jose Palmistry For Fun & Prophet When looking at someone’s hand what is your first reaction? Used for centuries to unveil secrets of the personality, palmistry is informative and fun. This talk gives insightful guidelines for learning to read the hand. Kooch, author of The Art And Magic of Palmistry, will share essential techniques to help you build your skills and gain confidence in your practice. Using hands of willing participants, we’ll explore mystic symbols and major lines and interpret their potential meanings. More than a “how to” talk, this is a show and tell class that answers questions about your hand. Kooch Daniels Divination
Saturday 1:30 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Ogham: Wisdom of the Whispering Trees Less well-known than the Runes, the Ogham is a language and divinatory system that has been attributed to the Celts. Veiled in more mystery and controversy than the Runes, the Ogham is a beautiful symbolic system that opens us to the special energies and messages from the trees. In this introductory session, the overall Ogham system will be presented, including history, mythology, and the meanings of the individual symbols. Open your ears to the beautiful language of the trees and learn how to attune to these energies for insight and healing. Tiffany Lazic Celtic / Druid
Saturday 1:30 PM San Martin Ereshkigal – Listening to the Underworld Listen, listen. Set your ear to the Great Below, the hidden realms of the Underworld and listen. What do you hear? Your own heartbeat? Your questions, your inner knowing, your wisdom? The realms of birth and death, initiation – all these are held within the realms of the Underworld. Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld in Sumerian mythology is dark sister to the more famous Inanna and until Ereshkigal has been heard, Inanna cannot return to her life. Listening to Ereshkigal we hear what has been hidden. When we listen – when we hear – change begins. Doors will close after 10 minutes. Jane Meredith  
Saturday 1:30 PM San Simeon Wonder Tales for Pagan Kids Storytelling time for kids of all ages! Experience tales being told from all over Pagandom, including traditional Celtic, Russian, African, and European folktales. Hear stories of Gods and Goddesses, Witches, and Wizards as well as tales of magical beasts and beings. Taffy Dugan is a gifted and sought-after storyteller whose love of narration and children shines through. Taffy Dugan General Pagan
Saturday 1:30 PM Santa Clara Clever, Compassionate, Cruel: Ancient Near Eastern Queens History is littered with the names of kings, but what about their queens? Ancient myth sometimes has goddesses starting out as earthly queens who later gained immortality. Some queens became ‘kings’ and dressed the part! In one case, a queen ‘king’ may have groomed her daughter for kingship. Discover a world where queens could rule, butcher enemies and impart the wisdom of the divine feminine. Jehon Grist, Ph.D. Tradition not listed
Saturday 1:30 PM Silicon Valley Ifa Prayer, Song and Divination Come experience the power of an ancient living magickal and spiritual tradition! Join us for Ifa Prayers and Songs to connect us with our ancestors, our higher selves and the Orisa. After the prayers and songs we will perform Ifa Divination with Opele to identify powerful magickal solutions to one or more audience members query as time allows. Ile Ajebidan African Diaspora
Saturday 3:30 PM Carmel/ Monterey Building and Sustaining Pagan Communities How can we build healthier communities and ensure they are sustainable? How do we avoid burnout to have the strength to do the work of leading and serving? First we must face our shadows as groups and constructively look at power struggles, drama, groups falling apart, abusive leaders…and the places where our own personal shadows play out in groups. Then, we can look at strategies to build stronger groups and processes; understanding power dynamics, group structures, communication processes, boundaries, and more. Collaborative workshop open to all skill levels. 18+ Shauna Aura Knight General Pagan


3:30 PM

3:30 PM



An Introduction to Hedge Riding

NROOGD 50th Anniversary Ritual

The hedge is a symbol for what’s in between, a logo for what is felt and unseen. To cross the hedge to the other side, a witch must open nice and wide. Enchant the mind and use the breath, cross the veil of life and death. Tread the mill and gently sway, what’s black or white shall turn to gray. Topics include: solitary and group hedge-riding techniques such as “treading the mill”, the Witch’s tree, & spirit mediumship. Devin Hunter Tradition not listed
Saturday 3:30 PM Pine Rainbow Magic Sacred work with Rainbow Colors, Spectrum Light, and Rainbow Symbols for personal and community healing, inspiration, and empowerment. This experiential workshop includes guided Rainbow Healing Lights meditation for personal stress release & well-being, Rainbow Flag working for LGBTQ equality, & Community Rainbow Circle for Planetary Healing. Dress in one or more favorite colors. Participants also are welcome to bring quartz crystals & rainbow objects to be blessed on the altar. Selena Fox General Pagan
Saturday 3:30 PM San Jose Reading Tangled Threads: A method of divination A number of cultures use the idea of threads to symbolize fate, but how do we translate that into a divinatory / oracular tool? If you already do divination and are interested in adding another method to your toolbox, please join this workshop for both instruction and practical exercises that will give you a basic grounding in this form of oracular work. Note taking is encouraged, and exercises will involve a light trance state. Doors close 10 minutes after start; please arrive as close to on time as you can. Dee Shull Divination
Saturday 3:30 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Jumping through the Portal- A ritual to realize Heaven on Earth *Brief lecture on scientific backing of the concepts “What we focus on expands” & parallel universes. *Chi Gong: led by Rene Collins, author of Way of The Magical Intelligence, to clear our minds & prepare our Body Temples with a simple, short series of energizing Chi Gong movements. *Ritual: a combo of physical movement, chanting, & guided meditation. Jumping through the portal to a parallel universe, we will experience Heaven on Earth thru guided meditation, chant for harmony within & without, & bring Heaven on Earth back with us, co-weaving the two worlds for joy & true sustainability! Havalah Collins & The Wisdom Council of the Starlit Well General Pagan
Saturday 3:30 PM San Martin Advancing Devotional Practice Devotional practice begins at the altar, but where does it end? After the practice is started, what comes next? Advancing a devotional practice past the first few years takes a lot of dedication. This session will take a close, candid look at the trials and triumphs associated with long term devotional practice. We will also consider strategies that can help pagan and polytheist devotional practitioners address the unexpected obstacles that can arise on this path. Silence Maestas General Pagan
Saturday 3:30 PM San Simeon Seed Saving 101 One of the most important parts of food sovereignty is knowing how to save your own seed year after year, instead of having to buy new seed or starts every season. It also intimately connects us to our food system as we learn the life cycle of the food we eat. We’ll cover the basics of seed saving from common foods while learning about food history, agricultural heritage, plant reproduction, pollinators, genetics, and more. Diana Heideman Ecology/Sustainability
Saturday 3:30 PM Santa Clara The Many Flames We will explore how Fire manifests as a spiritual force and in our rituals and devotional work.  Fire can be the Fire of selfhood, of the Soul and Spirit. Fire is at the core of the force of life. Fire also expresses itself in a continuum of forms from Elementals to Divine Beings. Fire will also be examined through the framework provided by the modalities of cardinal, fixed, and mutable as well as in the pattern of the sub-elements. There will also be a summarization of some of the symbols and tools related to Fire. Ivo Dominguez Jr  
Saturday 3:30 PM Silicon Valley Magickal Drumming – Healing Drumming workshop Drums have been used as healing tools since their inception. This interactive workshop is designed to help you add this tool to your magickal practice! Open to drummers, non-drummers, and practitioners all. Be prepared to practice on each other. Don Schulz Shamanic
Saturday 7:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey Mahal in Concert Mahal (Beloved/Noble/Sacred} plays songs to inspire activation, compassion, groundedness, peace, resilience, understanding. Come dance, listen, and participate! Mahal {EthnoFusion Musik} Indigenous Non-European
Saturday 7:00 PM Cedar/ Pine Sharon Knight and Winter Concert Festival Favorites Sharon Knight and Winter are internationally touring musicians in the mythic-Celtic vein. Their penchant for combining fierce and gutsy bravado with ethereal beauty, a hearty dose of fantastical lyrics, and an obvious love of storytelling has inspired their own style, “Neofolk Romantique”. This often sounds less Celtic and more “Folktales that ran away with the Faeries at the turn of the century and took cover in an old trunk bound for the circus, which was then commandeered by pirates.” This suits them fine. Sharon Knight  
Saturday 7:00 PM Oak Descent & Exaltation of Inanna, a Mystery Play An interactive, movement-oriented portrayal of the Descent of Inanna from Her decision to enter the Underworld, to Her resurrection, told through belly dance, music and song. Non-officiants will be asked to participate through call-and-response, singing and other speaking, as well as some movement. House of Inanna Tradition not listed
Saturday 7:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Ask A Native Ask Indigenous Voices of the Community questions of cultural sensitivity, allie-ship, decolonization & more. An open forum opportunity to get answers to questions that YOU want to hear about! Indigenous Voices/ Native Perspectives Indigenous Non-European
Saturday 7:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Kids’ Ritual and Circle Calling all children – it’s circle time! Time to dance and sing! Time to have a blast doing ritual that’s all about you kids! After running South Bay Pagan Kids for a few years, Taffy Dugan has crafted a fun and captivating ritual that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy. While it’s run in an eclectic Wiccan way, there are elements that many Pagan families can take away and use in their home rituals, despite their different traditions. Taffy Dugan Wicca
Saturday 7:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Nerthus: Mother of the Vanir, Mother of Earth Join us for a devotional ritual introducing Nerthus, the Vanic Goddess of Land and fresh water, first wife of Njordh, mother of Freyr and Freyja. We will explore Her story, invite Her presence, and seek Her wisdom. As the story of Nerthus can be intense, we will be closing the doors after the ritual begins. The Vanic Conspiracy Asatru / Heathen
Saturday 7:00 PM Silicon Valley Havdalah Jew-friendly Pagans, Pagan-friendly Jews, and those who find ways to be Heathen and non-Heathen at the same time, please join us for the Havdalah service that marks the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the new week. There’ll be a short prayer service followed by wine and bread and maybe something tasty to nosh upon. A Couple of Jews Tradition not listed
Saturday 9:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey Lon Milo DuQuette’s You Bet Your Ass I’m a Peacenik Concert Lon Milo DuQuette raises his ageing hippie voice in original songs of peace, love, and opposition to hate and bigotry. Lon Milo DuQuette  
Saturday 9:00 PM Cedar/ Pine The Blood Stained Sickle The blood of the ancient Druids still sings from the shorelines of Britain – it tells of sacrifice and a people of justice, strength and resilience, a caste of Priests who stood up against adversity, subjugation and certain death. But what can we learn from them? Today, Druidry is a tradition that has justice and wisdom at its heart, its strength lies in its past, its trailblazing present and its bright future. Join Druid Chief Kristoffer Hughes on an exhilarating journey to glean the wisdom of the Druids, and to propel today’s Pagans into tomorrow using lessons from the past. Kristoffer Hughes Celtic / Druid
Saturday 9:00 PM Oak The Kingslayer Calls The Bawdy Divine Presents a ritual cabaret for the sovereign souls, the wicked ones, the waking sleepers and the truth seekers. Come see yourself in the reflection of the Divine. 18+ for language and nudity Bawdy Divine Presents  
Saturday 9:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Hekate: Witness and Ally Hekate: Dark Moon Ritual and Shadow work. We will acknowledge our shadows and those of our communities, the dark that hinders the health of ourselves and our communities. We will invoke Hekate and work with her as witness and ally. We will move out of the bonds of silence, fear and hatred into openness and courageous compassion. In joy and strength, we will return to the power and deep connection of Hekate’s cave. The door will close once the ritual has started, about 15 minutes after the program’s stated time. Timotha Doane and Kristen Oliver Goddess Spirituality
Saturday 9:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos The Rites of Annwn: Seeking the Nine Maidens Deep in the Welsh Otherworld, the Cauldron of Annwn is warmed by the breath of Nine Maidens. Distilling the brew that offers Wisdom, Transformation and Inspiration, it is one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain and the Celtic British precursor to the Holy Grail. Are you called to the Quest? Do you feel the Maidens’ breath? If so, come journey with priestesses of the Avalonian Tradition into the personal Otherworld and the presence of the Nine Maidens to seek the Inner Cauldron and drink deeply from the wellspring of inspiration — the source of the Awen within you. Everyone is welcome! Sisterhood of Avalon Celtic / Druid
Saturday 9:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon I AM WE, the “We’re All In This Together” Ritual In building a caring and sustainable community, it is important to come together and recognize that in diversity there is power. The key to succeeding in this endeavor is to open ourselves to new ideas, new directions, and new visions shared in a positive, supportive atmosphere. The Rainbow Warriors invite you to join them in building community through ritual connection, establishing a way to turn every “I” into “We”. The only experience necessary is yours. This ritual is open to all PantheaCon attendees. Please, come and join us. Presentation will be closed once ritual begins. The Rainbow Warriors General Pagan



9:00 PM

11:00 PM

Silicon Valley



The Mary Magdalene Rosary

Spark Collective Heart Circle

Are you an empath that find themselves weighted down by the energies of the past few months? Is regular meditation just not enough anymore? Luna Pantera would like to offer her, “Rosary of the Magdalene” which was channeled to her. It can help you work through all the feelings that might be coming up for you and help you to find your “inner peace.” There will be a trance to meet The Magdalene to find out how She can assist you on your path.



Luna Pantera

Spark Collective

Saturday 11:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Oracular Seidh Once again, the Seidhjallr team will be here to answer your questions and seek counsel with the ancestors and the gods. Based on Viking-Age tradition, but open to all, in this rite we support each other with our energy and learn what wyrd has woven. For more information about Seidh, see, or THE WAY OF THE ORACLE by Diana L. Paxson. Seidhjaller Asatru / Heathen
Saturday 11:00 PM Silicon Valley Bardic Circle! Love to lift your voice in song about that good Old Time Religion? Want to learn more songs or sacred chants? Don’t want to sing, but want to recite poetry, or dance, or listen? Come share your performing art, or enjoy the performing gifts of your fellow Pagans. Format will be Pick, Pass, or Play: pick a song (or singer); pass (that is, skip your turn); or play—that is, perform! Come share the fun. Valerie Voigt  


9:00 AM Carmel/ Monterey Cemetery Work 101 There is much magick to be had in cemeteries. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of fear and misconception around such workings. In this workshop I’ll introduce you to the guardians and gatekeepers of cemeteries, show you how to respectfully and legally do your workings, and teach you the etiquette of working with the dead. Emily Carlin  
Sunday 9:00 AM Cedar Crossroads and Graveyards Magic Some of the most powerful Hoodoo magic involves ancestors and/or spirit, and Crossroads magic is perhaps one of the most recognized types of Hoodoo magic. There are specific methods involved in these kinds of workings. This class will present various processes and rituals for this kind of work, as well as why this magic is so important and powerful. Hexeba Theaux  
Sunday 9:00 AM Oak Basics of Energy Healing This workshop assumes no previous knowledge and its focus will be on your own personal experience. Topics will include: what is energy healing? seeing healing energy, moving healing energy within your own body, feeling it in others’ bodies, ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ energy, auric cleansing, chakra stimulation, relieving energy coagulations that lead to physical symptoms such as pain and stiffness, and self-cleansing.  This workshop integrates the basics of what I learned from six years’ study with a Brazilian shaman as well as over thirty years of healing work. Gus diZerega General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 AM Pine Introduction to Runes – The Elder Futhark An introduction to the ancient heathen runic writing and divination system known as the Elder Futhark. Comprehensive study and practice handout provided. Drew Ward Asatru / Heathen
Sunday 9:00 AM San Jose Practical Ancient Greek Divination Divination was central to ancient Greek Paganism. From the Delphic Oracle to dream incubation to dice casting, divination was an essential means of communication between Gods and mortals. In this workshop, I will teach several authentic ancient divination systems, including the Greek alphabet oracle, which is similar to rune casting, and the Oracle of the Seven Sages, both of which are presented in my recent book, “The Oracles of Apollo.” We will also work with an ancient knucklebone oracle, which is similar to the I Ching. John Opsopaus Hellenic / Roman
Sunday 9:00 AM San Juan/ San Carlos DIY – For Children There will be 4 separate stations at which there will be taught to make 4 different DIY projects geared for children from ages 4-40! Included will be the making of Stone Casting Kits, Pendulums, Wands and Tarot/Goddess/Faery Cards. We will also have a story teller/reader. Luna Seabright Circle Tradition not listed
Sunday 9:00 AM San Martin/ San Simeon Meeting the Ancestors: A Gentle Yoga Practice Join in for a whole-body meditation in which we will meet our beloved ancestors and learn how a relationship with them can enhance our lives. This workshop will utilize supported, restorative postures and some gentle movements to help you stay focused and connected on a deep level. No yoga experience necessary. Those with movement limitations are welcome to come and experience the meditation seated. Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga mats are not required but if you have one, bring it along. Limited to 15 attendees ages 13 and up. Doors close at the beginning of the presentation. Heather Westenhofer General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 AM Santa Clara Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess Who is the Goddess Brigid? What makes her so popular? This class explores the mysterious history and delicate mythology of the popular Celtic Goddess of home, motherhood, creation, warfare, and healing and Her incarnations as a Christian saint. Join us for discussion, stories, meditation, and exploration of how to invite this Goddess to join your personal practice. Our time together will also include a ritual involving Brigid’s Healing Waters. Courtney Weber General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 AM Silicon Valley Yoga Therapy Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate! Experience an all new therapy, “Myofascial Release”. This method includes Yoga, massage and relaxation exercises utilizing small therapeutic balls and bands to relax and stimulate achy, tight muscles, improve circulation, release toxins and relieve pain. With a focus on improving daily activities, this method will reduce inflammation and eliminate muscle tension and soreness throughout your entire body. Lisa J. Hamlin  
Sunday 11:00 AM Carmel/ Monterey Excavating, Exploring & Rejuvenating the Royal Road Troubled times require fearless and furious divination, and we have never needed deeper and truer wisdom and guidance in our individual and collective lives than we do right now. In a briskly paced meander, Thalassa will examine how we can scrape the barnacles off the Tarot, salvage what actually works, and delve into newer developments that enable us to use “the Royal Road” in a more effective manner. All levels of interest and enthusiasm are welcome. Thalassa Divination
Sunday 11:00 AM Cedar Avalon: Guardians of the Holy Grail Who serves the Grail? What ails thee and how may I be of aid? These are the questions of the Holy Grail, that not only must be asked, but lived. Rooted in the ancient Pagan cauldron traditions of the Goddess, yet weaving its way into many cultures and traditions, we seek answers to these questions through a quest. Join us on this visionary quest to seek the Grail and restore the enchantment of the sacred agreement between the Land, the People, and the Gods. No admittance once we begin the visionary portion of our workshop. Christopher Penczak General Pagan
Sunday 11:00 AM Oak Resistcraft: When a Witch’s Place is in the Resistance What can a witch do when Nazis march proudly in the streets? When laws are made attacking immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQ people? When religious minorities face daily violence and vandalism? When cities are left to burn or drown due to unchecked climate change? What are a witch’s capabilities and responsibilities in a time of injustice, from the courts to the streets to our own homes, from protecting vulnerable communities to public advocacy to anti-fascist hex campaigns? Join an experienced, dedicated panel of activist magic-workers for a discussion of what we can–and must–bravely do together. Elena Rose, Crystal Blanton, and Panel General Pagan
Sunday 11:00 AM Pine Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft The Faery tradition of witchcraft is a wildly diverse path of magic. Stemming from the teachings of the late Victor & Cora Anderson, Faery draws inspiration and power from many sources and offers those who would practice its hidden ways an opportunity to embrace the shining realm of Enchantment. Using material from Storm’s new book, “Betwixt & Between”, we will discuss some of the basics of this often-misunderstood path and perform a rite to invoke the Old Powers for personal blessing, development, and a deepening of our own witch power. Storm Faerywolf Faerie / Feri
Sunday 11:00 AM San Jose A Jungian Approach to Tarot Psychologist Carl Jung wrote about Tarot on several occasions, seeing it as depicting archetypes of transformation like those found in myths, dreams and alchemy. Jung even developed a group to integrate insights about a person using several different divination systems. In this presentation we’ll explore how the Waite-Smith Tarot parallels Jung’s model of the psyche, and the essential archetypes like those in Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. You’ll learn how to use these concepts to expand and deepen your own Tarot practice. Familiarity with Tarot is helpful but not essential. Mary Greer Divination
Sunday 11:00 AM San Juan/ San Carlos Clothing Swap The Pagan Alliance’s annual Clothing Swap Returns! Bring your clean ritual, fancy evening and interesting day wear and accessories to trade with other Pagan folks. All ages, sizes & gender identities welcome. Left over clothes will be donated to charity. Pagan Alliance  
Sunday 11:00 AM San Martin/ San Simeon Sacred Fire: Seeking Our Strength A fire burns within our hearts… yet the fire that sustains us must be fed or we weaken. To have the strength to serve and sustain…to stand up for justice…we must feed the fire of our inspiration, the fire that heals us. We must burn away the spells cast over us by the words of others and face our shadows to use the sacred transforming magic of fire. Together we seek the power within our sacred depths and the magic of life force, love, and hope through ecstatic ritual, chanting, and trancework. Doors close after 10 min. Shauna Aura Knight General Pagan
Sunday 11:00 AM Santa Clara Theurgy Theurgy can be thought of as ancient ceremonial magick which culminates in an encounter with the divine. This presentation will outline what is known about theurgy, but will focus on ascension, where the soul temporarily returns to its heavenly home where it can acquire wisdom, immortality and experience an encounter with deity. The process involves ascending past the planetary spheres and various forces by using hymns, names of power, breathing techniques and making various sounds. Tony Mierzwicki Hellenic / Roman
Sunday 11:00 AM Silicon Valley Anansi’s Tales & Wisdom time 3 Come gather around for Anansi’s Stories, again. The oral traditions of telling Tales in Africa is a timeless honored practice. Tales are for all ages, not just for the kids. For the tales are also a way of teaching Wisdom. Simple or complex, we all can learn from a tale. The gathering and telling of tales, build not just the family bonds, but also the community bonds. Anansi’s tale are open and welcome all, and all ages. So come share, learn, and enjoy a tale. Some old and others new. Unkle Blacktalon Destiny African Diaspora
Sunday 1:30 PM Carmel/ Monterey Acquisitions Editors Take Two! Back by popular demand, acquisitions editors from Llewellyn and Weiser team up to reveal an eye-opening look at Pagan and esoteric publishing! Join Elysia Gallo and Judika Illes as they explain how decisions are made, what their meetings are like, how book covers come to life, what publishers expect of authors in marketing themselves, and more. Q&A follows, and afterwards they will both be taking pitches in their respective suites upstairs. Last year’s presentation was called “fantastic” with “great info” and also “freakin’ hilarious.” If you missed it last time, be sure to join us this year! Elysia Gallo and Judika Illes  
Sunday 1:30 PM Cedar/ Pine Returning the Roots to the Tree Faery Practices for Unearthing Restorative Wisdom: The tree of humanity and its top-heavy reach is causing the web of earth-life to tremble. I think its clear, either we strengthen our roots or we will topple in our own winds of change. Faery Seership practises are very focused on unearthing our sacred relationship with the earth and her integrative life. Our ancestors revered this and so must we. We must reach deep, open ourselves to the ancestral uprising tide of ancestry (human and other) and, remember…and re-mem-ber. Lets open the well of knowing, call to the ancestors of all earth life and loosen the wisdom waters of the under-country to feed and free humanity from its illusion of isolation… and restore each other and Eden. (Adults only please.) Orion Foxwood Faerie / Feri
Sunday 1:30 PM Oak Bored by Qabalah? QABALAH INITIATION RITUAL for YOU! Lon Milo DuQuette’s alter ego, Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, is back from the dead with a new book and Qabalah Initiation Ritual created especially those who think Qabalah is boring. Lon Milo DuQuette Ceremonial
Sunday 1:30 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara The Nine Keys of Community Using the Island of Avalon as an allegory for a spiritually centered and healthily functioning community, we will utilize the Celtic Ninefold energetic to guide us in how to create thriving and enduring groups of all kinds and sizes that are founded on principals of mutual respect, self-sufficiency, collective interdependency, and interpersonal balance. We will also reflect this Ninefold model within the self, applying its principles to help us function cooperatively from a place of greater wholeness and clarity. Jhenah Telyndru Celtic / Druid
Sunday 1:30 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Braiding for Sacred Use Braids have been used to draw community together since about the time humans started twisting fibers together; to make slings for hunting and decor, for clothing and lacing armor, as the cords to take sacred measure. Come learn how to simply make a complex braid! Ruth Temple General Pagan
Sunday 1:30 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Guardians of the Crossroads Prepare to invoke the Guardians of the Crossroads, those who dwell in the liminal times and places. Seen in many cultures as the torchbearers, wisdom keepers, the keeper of the ways, they can aid you in gaining insight into your path, into the center of the crossroads, to aid in life decisions. She who holds the keys to Wisdom will be called upon for clarity in order to bring about greater change in the World by creating greater change within. Let those changes ripple out into the world as you walk the Path that was meant for you. Alix Wright Wicca
Sunday 1:30 PM Silicon Valley Seeing for the tribes This is a ritual, a reconstruction of public lot casting, Pagan Israel’s ancient public divination ritual. Come with questions. Doors will be closed 10 minutes after ritual start times pls be on time… EliSheva Indigenous Non-European
Sunday 3:30 PM Carmel/ Monterey Courting The Shadows Of The Gods Even as we have a shadow self, so too do the gods. Greek mythology describes in detail how the shadow selves of its deities have a hand in helping the aspirant tap into their own divine power. Learn more in a class designed to help you safely and transformatively connect to the shadow self of a deity. Thenea Pantera Hellenic / Roman
Sunday 3:30 PM Cedar/ Pine Brigid Community Healing Ritual Connect and work with the transforming powers of the Goddess Brigid & Caring Community in this ritual that includes invocations, trance-chanting, inner journeying, & energy raising for healing others, self, & planet. If you wish, bring a piece of jewelry, amulet, or other object to be blessed during the ceremony. Selena Fox Goddess Spirituality
Sunday 3:30 PM Oak Oracles from the Living Tarot Back again for another spin around the Wheel of the Year, Oracles from the Living Tarot, a ritual-theatre piece created by Catherine Starr, returns for our 9th Pantheacon performance. Join us as we bring the cards to life through spoken work, song, dance, and on-the-spot readings by players representing the 22 Major Arcana. Feel free to come dressed as your favorite card and boogie down as we’ll close the show once again with an interactive dance party with the audience. GET READY TO GET READ. Aurea Arcana  
Sunday 3:30 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Divination, Prophecy, Oracular Vision Many traditions make use of rituals and the methods of the sacred sciences to gain guidance, to extrapolate the future, and to understand the deeper forces at work in creating what will be. Of course, differences of belief and culture will express as differences in how divination, prophecy, and oracular vision are used and viewed, but there are connecting threads that relate to the nature of these practices. Divination, prophecy, and oracular vision have qualitative and quantitative similarities and differences. This class will explore the spectrum of what we call divination, prophecy, and ora Ivo Dominguez Jr  
Sunday 3:30 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Supermarket Witch Crafts: Creating Magical Objects Books of shadows, witch bottles, talismans and amulets need not be expensive or difficult to make, they can all be made from everyday items, many of which can be gathered from a local market or “supercenter” store. In this workshop, you will learn several different techniques for creating powerful magical objects from easily obtainable materials and also have a chance to win one of five free, one of a kind blank books, along with a copy of the new book, Supermarket Sabbats by Michael Furie. Michael Furie General Pagan
Sunday 3:30 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Key Magic Unlock the magic of modern and old keys in your practice. From simple workings to ritual use, keys can open and close all doors for love, money, protection,contacting spirits and more. Bring the keys you work with to empower them, key tokens will be available for those who attend. Marcus Fisher  
Sunday 3:30 PM Silicon Valley FFRASS Permaculture Garden Meet-up and Seed Swap Come check in with old friends and new on the state of our gardens, learn about permaculture, biodiverse plantings, and join in a seed swap (or just come get a bunch of seeds, we always have extras!) Info, resources, and sources abound for growing with sacred intent. FFRASS / Ruth Temple Ecology/Sustainability
Sunday 7:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey The Sounds of Transformation in Times of Upheaval Music. Rhythm. Breath. A sonic journey from the deeply meditative to the ecstatic. Music can unify, activate and replenish the soul. Come share in “practices of collective joy!” You will be guided in a meditation, singing, and basic rhythms. Levitation may occur. Alphonsus Shamanic
Sunday 7:00 PM Cedar/ Pine Hero and Hearth: A Rite of Renewal of Courage It is at the hearth where the wounds and weights of battle are healed, and warriors are renewed for their struggles. It is the hearth that holds the spiritual and moral heart of community, where ancestors gather to remind us what we fight for. Coru Priesthood and Roots & Branches invite you to join us in ritual at the sacred hearth, held by the Matronae of hearthfire: to be received, restored, and recharged by their holy power, and to move forward renewed in the strength of the Morrigan to rejoin the battles we face. Coru Cathubodua Priesthood with Strong Roots and Wide Branches Celtic / Druid
Sunday 7:00 PM Oak Stirring The Cauldron: A Ritual Exploration of Movement Movement is a key element to connecting the mind, body, and spirit. The more we can shift from static to active practice, the more embodied our magick and other metaphysical experiences become. In this ritual-meets-workshop, we’ll focus on how to incorporate dance elements into your practice regardless of age, ability, experience, or tradition, using the metaphorical cauldron as our guide. Tempest  
Sunday 7:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Chants for Change How do we bring political awareness to our magic, and magic to our politics? Starhawk and musician and singer Evelie Posch will guide an interactive session creating chants, liturgy and music to energize our rituals and social change work. Starhawk & Evelie Delfino Sales Posch Goddess Spirituality
Sunday 7:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Pop Culture Tarot Combining pop culture with tarot helps tarot make sense, transforming classic archetypes into modern ones. Use your favorite fandoms to recall tarot archetypes and personalities—access meanings quick and easy. Join Rose Red and Jaymi as they chat about how they use their fandoms to influence their tarot work. They’ll share their favorite fandom tarot decks and spreads using pop culture icons. You’ll also have time to craft your own pop culture tarot spread, as well. Bring your favorite pop culture tarot deck, a notebook, pen, and your love for tarot and pop culture! jaymi elford Divination
Sunday 7:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Dionysian Ritual Calling in the Wild In this ritual we call to Dionysus and His wild nature. We call to Him to help us unlock the pieces of ourselves that have been closed down, cultured, locked away, tamed and hidden. We will revel in ecstatic energetic abandon, we will sing, we will dance, and perhaps imbibe some of his sacred drink. We offer this ritual to honor Him and call the wild out of the cells of our beings. Io Evohe Dionysus! The Wild Maenads General Pagan
Sunday 7:00 PM Silicon Valley Youth Ritual: The Musical! Come join the Peacock Posse as we sing, dance, call the elements and invite in the god and goddess, in a family friendly, all ages ritual. We will invoke the creative, embrace the imaginative, and share the energy of our movement with each other and with the world. Be ready to laugh, sing, shake your booty, and just have fun! Peacock Posse General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 PM Carmel/ Monterey 1 in 8, songs & stories inspired by cancer treatment & recovery Breast cancer happens to 1 in 8 women annually. In 2015, I became one of them. This is my story in song –my fear, shame & anger, my gratitude, hope and compassion, even humor played its part in my healing. 1 in 8 expresses the message that creative response to your diagnosis is a way through the fears, challenges, ravages, anxieties of cancer treatment. Jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, a sister-survivor, joins me in collaborating on these songs, driving them into arrangements that bring true expression to each song’s meaning. Deborah J. Hamouris  
Sunday 9:00 PM Cedar/ Pine Celtic Rock Concert with Avalon Rising Join Celtic Fusion band Avalon Rising for a mystical, magical, danceable night of Celtic/Medieval rock. With Pantheacon favorites Kristoph Klover (vocals, guitar, octave mandolin), Margaret Davis (vocals, harp, flute), Mark Ungar (bass, mandocello, vocals), Scott Irwin (drums, vocals), and Robert Hill (mandolin, electric fiddle, vocals). Avalon Rising General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 PM Oak Zeus and Harmonia: The Power and The People Zeus is the god of tradition and establishment. Harmonia is the goddess of harmony: balance, equity, and justice. Join us for a trance devotional and magical working to open the ears and hearts of the establishment, lift up the voices of the common people, and heal the world of the divide between Harmonia and Zeus. Pandemos Hellenic / Roman
Sunday 9:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Seidh Dojo A practical workshop. Understanding safe space and using it for practicing simple exercises to build a stronger foundation for magical working. Focus is on working with energy, connecting to the world around us, setting safe space, seeing beyond eyes, and experiencing how others work differently the same. Limited to space available. Will be closed 10 minutes in. Please no children as knowing consent is needed. Dave Shultz General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 PM San Juan/ San Carlos Drum Making Playshop! Make your own shamanic drum. The Drum is one of the oldest magical tools and this is your chance to make your own, investing your energy and spirit! Limited to 12 participants (age 13 and up, please), this Con authorized “pay to play” workshop gives you access to any of 10 different variations in size and hide. There will be an initial internet batch of nine, and three will be made available at the Con. For more information contact me at: where there will be an official Facebook event with ALL the information for easy reading or e-mail me at Don Schulz Shamanic
Sunday 9:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Bright Hearth~Deep Well~Great Heart Ritual These are difficult times. How do we act skillfully in the world, in outward power and inner calm? The Deep Well-Great Heart Society is in the business of increasing the flow of compassion in the worlds, through the creation of Wells which we fill with water and prayers. Anyone in need can draw from this pool of lovingkindness. There is another piece to the puzzle of how we remain effective: consider the Bright Hearth. Fire gives the light and heat of courage and motivation to our actions. Join us for a ritual of empowerment and blessing for self and community. The Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society General Pagan
Sunday 9:00 PM Silicon Valley Joy Through Meditation: Backyard Wars Edition Going into the backyard of our mind we are going to learn to play and experience joy in this guided meditation. Expanding on what we already know about meditation. Everyone welcome. So bring out your inner child, kick off you shoes, and feel the grass under your feet as toys battle it out for supremacy. Jonathan Sturgeon  
Sunday 11:00 PM San Jose/ Santa Clara Galdrablót – A Norse Ritual of Spiritual Transcendence Hidden within the lore of the Old Norse are the secrets to spiritual ascension. By pulling together these scattered fragments into a single practice, we can build upon the spiritual foundation that the ancients left us, and bring it into a working, appropriate for the modern mind and age. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the mystical practices of the Old Norse in a modern, musical context, and build upon your own spiritual ascension work using resonant patterns (sound) of consciousness and the runes. Kaedrich Olsen Asatru / Heathen
Sunday 11:00 PM San Martin/ San Simeon Inanna and Dumuzi Procession and Devotional Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi will lead people in the devotion of Inanna and Dumuzi, two of the oldest Deities of civilization, love, war, agriculture, herding, and sexuality. In ancient Sumer, non-binary gendered people were among the clergy who served Them. In accordance with an ancient Sumerian hymn, we will distribute colored scarves to all who identify as non-binary gender (queer, third gender, flexible, etc.) and we will all process through the hotel, praising this Goddess and God and asking for Their blessings on our civilization. Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi Tradition not listed
Monday 9:00 AM Carmel Fear as a Source of Magic Fear is powerful. Overwhelming, compelling, even translating into it’s own identity. “Fear as a source of magic” will be looking at how we “do” fear, what is it, where does it come from? Magic is often said to be empowered by drawing up strong emotions and focusing them into the working – in this workshop we will explore a different way of working with fear. Fear can be enlightening, give us vital information, as well as direction. During this workshop we’ll experience fear from a new perspective, allowing for growth and understanding of self. Tommie StarChild Faerie / Feri
Monday 9:00 AM Cedar Political Magick More people are being called to do magick to affect the state of our culture, communities, and systems of governance. For operative magick to be effective when applied at this scale and to these categories, modi cations must be made to both the planning and to the execution of the magick. The methods
for analysis and implementation will be a mixture of mundane practices in combination with Low, Middle, and High magick. I will also talk about the ethics and consequences of political magick. Ivo Dominguez Jr  
Monday 9:00 AM Fir Magic with Tarot Cards Did you know that The Lovers card can be used to help you let go of an unhealthy partnership? A Hermit card stuck in your shoe can help you pass an exam? The “disastrous” Tower card can actually be called upon to give you a limousine ride to your best destiny? While many people are aware that the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot is an amazing system for accessing deep spiritual wisdom, what most haven’t realized is that it’s also a powerful and practical tool for manifesting all that we dream and desire. Go beyond the valley of the fortune teller and use your tarot deck to manifest your best life. Madame Pamita Divination
Monday 9:00 AM San Jose Initiation… Wbo, What, Why, When and How A doorway to power. A powder keg of pain. Stepping into our potential. Destroying our lives. Connecting with the Gods. Losing our hold on reality. Initiation can be all of the above. It has been shrouded in mystery. We can’t share ALL the mysteries here, but a lot of things about initiation are kept in the dark due to ignorance or a failure of communication rather than secrets. Come learn about the purpose and power of initiation and help yourself understand when, where and how it might be right for you. Ile Ajebidan  
Monday 9:00 AM San Juan Strong Roots and Wide Branches The old ways are returning. Slumbering gods reawaken, gaining strength and gathering followers. But many of the traditions themselves are incomplete. In addition to religious regard for deities, historically most polytheistic cultures also included ancestor veneration, life cycle rituals, personal ethics, group mores, ways of living on and with the land and its spirits, religious-based artistic expression, and ritual technologies to best do these things. Let’s discuss how we can build, unearth, rediscover, shape and create whole, integrated Polytheist paths. River Devora Tradition not listed
Monday 9:00 AM San Simeon ~Sekhmet~ Embracing Your Sex, Power and Inner Fire Join the Sekhmet Ritual Meditation! Sekhmet’s temples were dedicated to healing and raising sexual energy (kundalini). Feel your rolling waters and connect to your deepest roots. I will lead you on a journey through an ancient Chakra system flowing through Her lands, outlining embedded symbols within the Goddess Sekhmet, ignite your kundalini. Learn about her symbols while enlivening and activating your sexuality and creative forces. You will be shown how these energies can be run individually and with another. Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess but this is not a Kemetic ritual. Sa Sekhem Sahu! Ali Montgomery MA  
Monday 9:00 AM Santa Clara Origins of Astrology We will be delving in to a discussion of the origins of astrology. I will be coming with material that covers Wher did Astrology come from. How and why the ancients believed the stellar positions in the sky corresponded to a persons personality, their future, etc. We will be focusing on four different cultures, Babylonian, Grecian, Egyptian, and Vedic. Volpe Argentata  
Monday 11:00 AM Carmel More than a Medal: Xenia: Guest Friendship The idea of guest friendship is so wide spread among the tribes of Humanity that we find it at the root of many of our basic myths. Had Helen been less than a queen, Paris would have found himself unwelcome throughout the Greek world: but as she was the Queen of Sparta, the only solution was war. Xenia was the Hellenic version of what we see today in Japan in the concept of an Intangible Cultural Property, or Living National Treasure. In Hellas, you got dinner for life, owing to the many possible things society felt worthy of the reward of your personal survival. Thiasos Olympikos Hellenic / Roman
Monday 11:00 AM Cedar Honey, ya stepped in somethin! Practical Tips and Techniques for Claiming the Crown: There are so many problems in life that could be avoided if we do spiritual cleansing, regularly and with presence and skill. This time honored practice runs on a continuum of intensity from general to block busting to reversal of causes. As we move to become conscious creators of our individual lives; and conscious co-creators of our communal and shared planetary lives – we MUST be able to manage our clarity and control what claims our head. Spiritual cleansing and covering is about claiming your Crown of Success. Orion will share traditional folk wisdom about the mechanics of the soul, techniques/ recipes for cleansing (and covering), and deep insights from many years as a witch, conjure-man, seer and a fellow “project in process”. (Adults only please.) Orion Foxwood Faerie / Feri
Monday 11:00 AM Fir Ritual Facilitation: Engaging Participation & Raising Energy How do you get engage participation? How do you get people chanting and raising energy? Building ecstatic energy creates potent rituals and transformative experiences, but it takes specific facilitation techniques and a solid ritual design to get things going. We’ll explore techniques to work with energy with hands-on practice including: ritual structure/flow, intention, strengthening charisma, and engaging participation with chanting, movement, rhythm, and group connection. Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to practice ritual skills. Experienced ritualists will learn tool Shauna Aura Knight General Pagan
Monday 11:00 AM Monterey Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala (Making right the path) Journeying to the Hawaiian culture we will meet the Goddesses that sustain us on the Aina (the land) Learning the true meaning of Ho’opono Pono. While experiencing my teacher’s Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry, Kumu ‘Eleleo a Kupuna indigenous music and learning hula moves like the Mahalo Nui, Apau Mau Loa (I am in gratefulness, forever and always) position (double rainbow). Working Pono (living the happy life) for meditation and calling the ancestors. We will weave bracelets with sustainable materials representing the kindness and resilience of the people. The Gods and Goddesses make no mistakes we are the definition of the Aloha Spirit. Joanne Leilani Carpenter Indigenous Non-European
Monday 11:00 AM Oak Magic of the Lunar Mansions The Arabic Mansions of the Moon are often described as a Lunar Zodiac; a division of the passage of the Moon into 28 zones, about one per day. Each “Manzil” foretells the life of those born under it, but plays an important role in the creation of talismans in the tradition of Scholastic Image Magic. Picatrix, Cornelius Agrippa and many other grimoires detail their astrologically timed creation for countless purposes. These talismans are perhaps the simplest examples of this system, explaining their ubiquity. In this class we will discuss how to select and make basic Mansion talismans. Clifford Hartleigh Low Ceremonial
Monday 11:00 AM San Carlos Biochemistry of trance: optimizing going there and coming back I give science-based ideas on herbs, vitamins and amino acids to prepare for trance work and recovery from deep trance work. Under FIRE I discuss the biochemistry of stress and adrenal recovery. For WATER I discuss relaxation and serotonin and GABA pathways to access to alpha states. EARTH: I give simplified biochemical overview and recipes for purification and grounding. Medicating and grounding with sugar and its consequences are summarized. AIR: The talk is left brained with high data content “how to” component. Notepad advised. R Ristorcelli  
Monday 11:00 AM San Jose Beekeeper…….yes you Come and learn the basics of beekeeping. Learn all of the steps that you can take to keep bees for yourself at home. Learn about this exciting enjoyable and financially beneficial activity. Learn how to save the bees and sweeten your life and the process. Kimberly Nunn Ecology/Sustainability
Monday 11:00 AM San Martin Numerology: An Introduction to the Numbers Numbers are far more than representations of value, dates and times. Numbers are also vibrations, archetypes and wisdom passed down through symbolic language. This workshop offers a guided visualization exercise to help you build an understanding and relationship with each number of the numerology cycle. We will also explore the numbers which have been attached to you since birth (your birthdate) and what they can tell you about your personality & life’s pursuits. Damona Kat Divination
Monday 11:00 AM San Simeon A Celtic Pagan Paradigm for Modern Communities The Pagan Celts and their Druids did not just do things differently than the Greco-Roman cultures that came to dominate the western world. They saw the universe, both physical and spiritual, in a fundamentally different way and built their society accordingly. This workshop presents a model for building modern community based on the Celtic Tribal World View that is more just, compassionate, peaceful, gender inclusive, egalitarian, diversity-honoring, and sustainable than our current dominant culture. Come discuss the future healing of our culture that is elegantly possible and practical when based upon the natural wisdom of our Pagan tribal ancestors. Michael R. Gorman Celtic / Druid
Monday 11:00 AM Santa Clara Lilith: A Ritual of Empowerment This ritual presentation will introduce you to the Goddess known as Lilith. Her story of creation and betrayal brings with it both blessing and curse to all who walk the Earth. Find your own strength and feel your soul empowered by the words of the Goddess. Alix Wright Goddess Spirituality
Monday 11:00 AM Silicon Valley Working your Shadow: a Workshop for Teens Adolescence is often a “trial by fire” for many young adults; issues of peer pressure, self-worth and sexuality often come to the forefront of our lives during this time and add unnecessary pressure. So how do we handle all this bulls**t? What tools do we have in our “magical toolbox” that can help assist us in coming through our trial by fire? This workshop will explore what Shadow work is, and how our Shadows can be faced and utilized in order to help strengthen us. Recommended for teens 14 and up due to relevance of material; parents are welcome. Jeyn Jaffe General Pagan
Monday 1:30 PM Fir Closing Ritual Join us as we give thanks for our wonderful community gathering where we can be ourselves, and network with like minded friends and allies. Until we meet again – love to all. Glenn Turner & friends General Pagan
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