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Friday 12:00PM

Oak Opening ritual Glenn Turner & friends

Friday 1:30PM

Boardroom The Warrior and the Healer Tommie StarChild
Carmel/ Monterey The Good, The Bad, & The Blogging Patheos Pagan Bloggers
Pine Music for Life Cycles and Rites of Passage Turning Earth Singers
San Martin/ San Simeon Reuniting the Two Selves Katrina Rasbold
Santa Clara House Wights: Making a Spiritually Welcoming Home Shirl Sazynski
Silicon Valley EarthReligions and Climate Changes Glenn Turner

Friday 3:30PM

Boardroom Connecting to the Wisdom of the Soul With Hypnosis Brenda Titus, CH
Carmel/ Monterey A Witch’s Guide to Wands Gypsey Elaine Teague
Fir The Horned God 2.0 Jason W. Mankey
Oak Village Witchery 101 Hexeba Theaux
Riesling Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) Luis Minero
San Jose Singing Bowl Meditation Ayamanatara
San Juan/ San Carlos INTUITIVE PERSONAL RITUAL MAKING Ruth Barrett – Temple of Diana
San Martin/ San Simeon Conscious Open Relationships Robert Allen and Lasara Firefox Allen
Santa Clara Healing Ritual of Asclepius Ivan Richmond
Silicon Valley The Theatre of Witchcraft Bhride

Friday 5:00PM

Riesling Welcoming the Sabbath Bride A Couple of Jews
San Juan/ San Carlos The Furious Revels River Devora

Friday 7:00PM

Boardroom Priest/Priestess Chat: Building Circles and Community Suzy Peltier AKA Lady Red Hawk
Carmel/ Monterey Celia in Concert Celia
Cedar/ Pine The Four Ways of Witchery Orion Foxwood
Fir Magick Incense Making 101 Carl F. Neal
Oak Cauldron Magic Selena Fox
Riesling Men, Integration, and The Initiatory Magick of Everyday Life Robert Allen
San Jose Designing Intensive Rituals Shauna Aura Knight
San Juan/ San Carlos Gods and Monsters: Building a Variant Pantheon DK Cowan
San Martin/ San Simeon Bast Devotional Dance Avia Moore
Santa Clara Rosaleen Norton: The Witch of King’s Cross Julia Phillips
Silicon Valley Ochun’s Golden Pentacle Leni Hester

Friday 9:00PM

Boardroom Infused with Spirit: Creating Herbal Potions Lady Mau
Carmel/ Monterey Ruth Barrett and Holly Tannen in Concert Holly Tannen and Ruth Barrett
Cedar/ Pine The Rite of the Grand Convergence Black Rose Witchcraft
Oak Hekate: Witness and Ally Timotha Doane and Kristen Oliver
Riesling Solitary Seidh & Utiseta Shirl Sazynski
San Jose New Aeon Tantra: The Diamond Sapphire Gem of Radiant Light Gregory Peters/Ordo Sunyata Vajra
San Juan/ San Carlos Tarot Intensive Urban Goddess
San Martin/ San Simeon Pop Culture Magick: Working With Villains Emily Carlin
Santa Clara Vodou 101: Legba, The Barons, and The Gede Mambo Chita Tann
Silicon Valley Drum circle 101 Don Schulz

Friday 11:00PM

Boardroom Ritual Astrology Charly McCreary
Carmel/ Monterey Mahal EtnoFusyon in Concert!!! Mahal {EthnoFusion Musik}
Cedar/ Pine Pomba Gira 3.0: Red on Black!!! American Magic Umbanda House
Oak Authentic Recon Lady Gaga Devotional/Clothing Swap
Riesling Pagans in Recovery – Serenity First Pagans in recovery – Serenity First Jack & Kevin
San Juan/ San Carlos Invoking the Lover Within: A Flirtation Workshop Sarah Astarte
Silicon Valley Bardic Circle Valerie Voigt

Saturday 9:00AM

Boardroom The Enneagram for Thelemites Kim Makoi, D.C., M.Sc.
Carmel/ Monterey Working with the Irish Sidhe Lora O’Brien
Cedar Wake Up To Spirit CAYA Coven
Fir Reflexive Yoga for Intermediate Yogis Holly Allender Kraig
Oak Mapping Her Memory: Seeking the Goddesses of Wales Jhenah Telyndru
Pine Sacred Kings and Priestess Queens R J Stewart
Riesling Five Pillars of Astrology Rev Bill Duvendack
San Carlos Creating a Tarot Pocket Book Woven Circle
San Jose Pagan Family Meet & Greet San Francisco Pagan Parents and Families
San Juan Magic of Marlinspike Christopher Mabie
San Martin/ San Simeon History of the Worlds Part 1-Blot Hrafn Skjoldr Kindred
Santa Clara Animal Spirits in Pagan Religions II Sabina Magliocco
Silicon Valley Food and Pagans Magenta Griffith

Saturday 11:00AM

Boardroom Magick Incense Making 201 (Intermediate) Carl F. Neal
Carmel/ Monterey Harp as Living Myth Diana Rowan
Cedar Pagan Death Passages Selena Fox
Fir Taking a Part in the Golden Dawn Neophyte Hall Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn
Oak Beginning Energy Healing Gus diZerega
Pine Fortune-telling with the Petit Lenormand Deck Mary Greer
Riesling Gods and Radicals: Anti-Capitalist Resistance and Pagan Practice Rhyd Wildermuth & Alley Valkyrie
San Carlos Create Your Own Compass: Casting Sheets For Fun and Divination Karen Krebser
San Jose Childrens’ Ritual and Circle Taffy Dugan
San Juan Herbalism 101 – The Budding Herbalist. Remember, Safety First! Ceana
San Martin/ San Simeon Merging Movement With Ritual Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone
Santa Clara Lives of the Pagan Teachers Brandy Williams
Silicon Valley Seeing for the Tribes EliSheva

Saturday 1:30PM

Boardroom Pagan Culture Confonts Our Prison Crisis Pagan Alliance
Carmel/ Monterey Tradition vs. Innovation – A Panel Discussion Phoenix LeFae
Cedar/ Pine Four Jacks, A Queen & The Wheel of the Year Christopher Penczak
Oak Turning The Wheel: Nurturing Young Leaders & Embracing Change Thorn, Jason, David, Courtney, Shauna, Luna, Elena, Athena
Riesling Kitchen Witches’ Alchemy part II: fermentation as a magical tool Lise Dyckman
San Jose Men’s Spirituality Panel Ivan Richmond
San Juan/ San Carlos Introduction to Wheat Weaving Woven Circle
San Martin/ San Simeon Elderflower Amazon Ritual Elderflower
Santa Clara Living Thelema Dr. David Shoemaker
Silicon Valley Theurgy in Iamblichus, Agrippa, & the Golden Dawn Sam Webster

Saturday 3:30PM

Boardroom Toward a Culture of Consent Lasara Firefox Allen
Carmel/ Monterey Heavy Metal and the Occult Jason W. Mankey
Cedar/ Pine Oracles from the Living Tarot Aurea Arcana
Club Max Sound Temple The Sound Temple
Oak Crowley, Harris and Thoth. Geraldine Beskin
Riesling Legal and Organizational Requirements for Pagan Groups Brian Ewing
San Jose Creating programs for earth-centered children & teens Margo Wolfe
San Juan/ San Carlos Queering Conjure: Working Roots of Liberation Lou Florez
San Martin/ San Simeon Trance Dancing with the Jinn Yasmin Henkesh
Santa Clara Wicca in the Southern Hemisphere Julia Phillips
Silicon Valley Warding and Ritual Safety Warding and Ritual Safety Panelists

Saturday 5:00PM

Riesling Havdalah A Couple of Jews

Saturday 7:00PM

Boardroom Magical Ethics and Protection Katrina Rasbold
Carmel/ Monterey Concert with R J Stewart and special guests R J Stewart
Cedar/ Pine DANCE ELEMENTAL – Ecstatic Dance Journey DevaGnosis
Club Max Pagan Humor 7: It’s all about ME! Angus McMahan
Oak The Morrigan Speaks: Arise to the Battle Coru Cathubodua Priesthood
Riesling Archetypes of the Masculine and the Wheel of the Year Jeffrey Albaugh
San Jose Witchcraft and Worship in a Wheelchair Lunar Lavender
San Juan/ San Carlos Bringing Race to the Table
San Martin/ San Simeon Honoring through sacred BDSM and Kink ritual Athena Wallinder
Santa Clara Neoplatonic Tantra Bruce MacLennan
Silicon Valley Village Witchery 102 Hexeba Theaux

Saturday 9:00PM

Boardroom Modern Asatru/Heathenry: 40 Years In: What Now? Angela T Carlson
Carmel/ Monterey Lon Milo DuQuette- Homemade Musical Magick Lon Milo DuQuette
Cedar/ Pine Pandemonaen Live Show Pandemonaeon
Oak/td> Betwixt & Between: Encounters in the Faery Realm Storm Faerywolf
Club Max Michael Mullen’s Trio Of One Michael Mullen’s Trio Of One
Riesling Pagans in Recovery – Serenity First Pagans in recovery – Serenity First Jack & Kevin
San Jose Teenage Gods and Heroes Ekklesia Antinoou
San Juan/ San Carlos Druid Ritual and Grand Procession House of Danu
San Martin/ San Simeon Dionysos Hestios, Host of the Revel — Devotional Pandemos
Santa Clara Babalon Rising: Jack Parsons’ Witchcraft Prophecy Erik Davis
Silicon Valley Ritual Sonics: How to use Vocalization and Sound Taylor Ellwood

Saturday 11:00PM

Carmel/ Monterey Pagan Open Mic Jhenah Telyndru
Club Max Katabasis: Descent to the Underworld Circle of Dionysos
Oak Tantric Shamanism Breathwork Ceremony Sylvia Brallier
Pine Saturday Nite Drum/Dance Jam David Gibbons
San Juan/ San Carlos Different Kind of Seidh Freyja’s Gift
San Martin/ San Simeon Danbala Sevis: Honoring the Serpent and the Rainbow Mambo Chita Tann
Santa Clara Historia Discordia:The Origins of the Discordian Society Adam Gorightly
Silicon Valley Salon d’Aphrodite The Temple of Aphrodite

Sunday 9:00AM

Boardroom Juggling the Gods: syncretism in theory and practice Soli Johnson
Carmel/ Monterey Madeline Montalban: The Magus of St Giles Julia Phillips
Cedar Pole Stretching for Health Kim Makoi, D.C., M.Sc.
Fir Preparing for Possession Diana Paxson
Pine Self–Defense for Women Scott H. Rowe
Riesling Myth, Ancient Mysteries, and the Soul’s Journey Daniel Gautier
San Carlos Intermediate Wheat Weaving Woven Circle
San Jose The Mare-Headed Queen – The Celtic Horse Goddess Kristoffer Hughes
San Juan How To See The Future In The Palm Kooch Daniels
San Martin Animal Skulls as Ritual Partners Lupa
San Simeon Striving to be Worthy of Zudie Gareth Storm
Santa Clara Pagan Kids’ Song and Story Time Turning Earth Singers

Sunday 11:00AM

Boardroom Drum Making Workshop Don Schulz
Carmel/ Monterey The Tarot Tour of London Geraldine Beskin
Cedar Connecting to Allies – A Ritual North Bay Reclaiming
Fir Poetess and Prophetess: The Morrigan and Poetry Morpheus Ravenna & Rynn Fox
Riesling Introduction to Ifa & Orisha: The Ancestors Baba Esu
San Carlos Magick Wand and Rattle Crafting for Kids of All Ages Melanie Marquis
San Jose Divination in the Ancient World Tony Mierzwicki
San Juan Ancient Magic for the Modern World–A Kemetic View Richard Reidy
San Martin Celebrating our grandmas as our first goddesses Victoria Slind-Flor
San Simeon Connecting Spirit to Community with Reiki Healing Jessica Reiki Miller
Santa Clara Shamanic Practices 101: Calling In Prayer and Ho’Oponopono Jeanne McLaughlin
Silicon Valley Village Witchery 201 Valerie Voigt

Sunday 1:30PM

Boardroom Visioning for our Culture-Gender, Many Genders, No Gender Michelle Mueller and Gina Pond
Carmel/ Monterey What You Need More Than A Tarot Deck Thalassa
Fir HOMEMADE MAGICK – Just do it yourself. Lon Milo DuQuette
Oak Sacred Mass in Celebration of the Dark Mother Order of the Black Madonna
PineCedar Brigid Healing Ritual/td> Selena Fox
Oak Ritual and Story-telling Starhawk
Riesling Geomancy: of Origins and Oracles Murtagh anDoile
San Jose The Tablet of Cebes Bruce MacLennan
San Juan/ San Carlos Odduns: The Core of Afro-Cuban Ifa Frank Baba Eyiogbe
San Martin/ San Simeon Isle of Avalon, Isle of Healing Jhenah Telyndru
Santa Clara Performing for kids, Storytelling, Singing and more True Thomas the Storyteller
Silicon Valley Feeling Good with Acupressure and Shiatsu Tom Swiss

Sunday 3:30PM

Boardroom Advanced Magick Incense Making Carl F. Neal
Carmel/ Monterey Waking from the fetters of Monotheism Gus diZerega
Cedar The Rite of Humankind Sacred Fires and Assembly of the Crossroads
Fir Honoring or Appropriation? What is the Difference? T. Thorn Coyle, Chandra Alexandre, Crystal Blanton, & Friends
Oak Tarot Reading Circle Mary Greer
Pine Restoring Sovereign Order Christopher Penczak
Riesling A Thousand Ways: Exploring Devotional Rituals Silence Maestas
San Jose Working with the Irish Goddess Morrigan Lora O’Brien
San Juan/ San Carlos Oracular Seidh Seidhjaller
San Martin/ San Simeon Lupercalia and Parentalia 2015! Ekklesia Antinoou
Santa Clara Places of Power to Face the Future Children’s Magic Grove
Silicon Valley Reiki I For Everybody Robert Allen

Sunday 7:00PM

Boardroom The Rosary of Mary Magdalene Luna Pantera
Carmel/ Monterey Broceliande Celtic and Early Music Concert Broceliande
Cedar/ Pine The Flame in the Cauldron: The Awakened Spirit of the Witch Orion Foxwood
Oak Songs of Devotion Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe
Riesling Forecasting the Future with Portentous Pluto… Captain Starwise
San Jose How to Write for Intermediate to Advanced Audiences Immanion Press
San Juan/ San Carlos Leadership: Boundaries, Communication, and Groups Shauna Aura Knight
San Martin/ San Simeon Sitting Down or Sitting Out: Adapting Energy Work Lisa Spiral
Santa Clara The Mystical Connection of the Green Fairy Leif Adamson
Silicon Valley Men’s Mysteries, Men’s Rituals Jeffrey Albaugh

Sunday 9:00PM

Boardroom Pagans of Color Caucus Xochiquetzal Duti
Carmel/ Monterey Love Spell Bellydance Show Didi Gordon/Sarah Astarte
Cedar/ Pine The Nathaniel Johnstone Band in Concert The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
Oak Kali Puja: Devotions to the Dark Goddess Chandra Alexandre & SHARANYA
Riesling Pagans in Recovery – Serenity First Pagans in recovery – Serenity First Jack & Kevin
San Jose It’s About Time: Kemetic Festivals Tamara L. Siuda
San Juan/ San Carlos Laughter Magick Celia
San Martin/ San Simeon Bring Something to Share Blot Angela T Carlson
Santa Clara Healing with the Ancestors Luna Pantera
Silicon Valley Familiars Death: Celebrating Fur, Feather, & Scale Carl F. Neal

Sunday 11:00PM

Oak Spark Collective Fire Circle Spark Collective
San Juan/ San Carlos Facets of Freyja Devotional Cara Freyasdaughter/Freyja’s Aett

Monday 9:00AM

Cedar ADF Ritual of Community Offering and Unity ADF
Fir The Divine Feminine in the Biblical World: A Goddess for Every N Jehon Grist, Ph.D.
Oak Yoga for Every Body Holly Allender Kraig
Pine Celebrate Wildness— Future Starts in Your Backyard Jo Carson and Feraferia
San Carlos The Elemental Balancing Ritual Taylor Ellwood
San Jose/ Santa Clara SongCraft: Become a Langwitch! Holly Tannen and Ruth Barrett
San Juan Hypnosis for Deeper Trance Mike Sententia
San Martin Co-Create Like a Shaman Alida Birch
Silicon Valley Introduction to Rhythm and Drumming for children. Don Schulz

Monday 11:00AM

Carmel The Etruscan Gods: Harmony in Heaven and Earth Murtagh anDoile
Cedar Sonic Alchemy: The Well of Song Sharon Knight
Fir Working with Diverse Traditions Starhawk
Monterey Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn
San Carlos Sacred Gifts: Religious Reciprocity Rev. Kirk S. Thomas
San Jose/ Santa Clara Artemis, Aphrodite & The Ringing Cedars’ Anastasia Jo Carson and Feraferia
San Juan Beyond the Gates of the Seer: Divining the Oracular in Community Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh and Lillie Falco-Adkins
San Martin Village Witchery 202 Valerie Voigt
Silicon Valley Celtic Shape Shifting Reid Hart

Monday 1:30PM

Carmel Secrets of the 36 Zodiacal Faces Clifford Hartleigh Low
Fir The Tree of Enchantment: The Vision Keys of Faery Seership Orion Foxwood
Monterey The Great Art of Ramon Llull for Pagans Frater HOSV
Pine Deep Roots and Strong Branches: Essentials of Polytheism River Devora
San Carlos Feng Shui for Pagans: Magical Housekeeping Tess Whitehurst
San Jose/ Santa Clara The Solar Feminine: Rekindle the lost side of the Goddess Stephanie Woodfield
Silicon Valley Skeleton Key Magic Puck

Monday 3:30PM

Fir Closing Ritual Glenn Turner & friends

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