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Friday 1:00PM

Oak Opening Ritual Glenn Turner & friends

Friday 1:30PM

Juggling the Gods: syncretism in theory and practice Soli Johnson
Cedar The Ephesia Grammata P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Oak Binding Intentions: The Art of Fiber Magic Lee Harrington
San Juan/ San Carlos Shaman Practices: Calling In Prayer and Ho’ Oponopono Jeanne McLaughlin
San Martin/ San Simeon A Thousand Ways: Exploring Devotional Ritual Models Silence Maestas
Santa Clara The Tradition of Lothlorien Charly McCreary
Silicon Valley Mojo and Magic in Blues Music Kenny Klein

Friday 3:30PM

Boardroom Key Mastering- Using Keys for Magickal Purporses Puck
Carmel/ Monterey In Service to the Muse: Rituals in Writing & Publishing Weiser Books
Cedar Finding the God: Male Archetypes of Deity in the Craft Jason W. Mankey
Fir Village Witchery 101 Hexeba Theaux
Oak Energy Healing: Basic to Intermediate Gus diZerega
Pine The Many Faces of Aphrodite Temple of Aphrodite
San Jose Introduction to Indigenous Ifa & Orisha Baba Esu
San Juan/ San Carlos Anubis and Wepwawet: Gods of Many Aspects Richard Reidy
San Martin/ San Simeon The Bornless One: Invocation and Shapeshifting Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Santa Clara Pagan Theurgy Brandy Williams
Silicon Valley PoC Caucus Xochiquetzal Duti

Friday 7:00PM

Lezlie Revelle in Concert Lezlie Revelle
Boardroom Pagans in recovery-Serinity first Frank Johnstone
Carmel/ Monterey A Black Woman Speaks Luna Pantera
Cedar/ Pine The Guardians: A Ritual of Calling T, Thorn Coyle & Morningstar Mystery School
Fir Magick Incense Making 101 Carl F. Neal
Oak Your Body as the God/Goddess Sarah Astarte
San Jose Tales from Anatolia – a personal encounter with Hekate Morgana Sythove
San Juan/ San Carlos A Different Kind of Seidh Freyja’s Gift
San Martin/ San Simeon The Herald, The Father, The Sage CAYA Coven’s Brotherhood of the Moon
Santa Clara Exploring Plant and Fungus Totems Lupa
Silicon Valley Faultlines: The 60s, the Culture Wars, and the Return of the Div Gus diZerega

Friday 9:00PM

Boardroom Blot to the Heathen Gods Hammer of Thor Kindred
Carmel/ Monterey Ruth Barrett and Holly Tannen in Concert Holly Tannen and Ruth Barrett
Cedar/ Pine Woodland Valentine’s Night Concert Woodland
Oak The Rite of Love and Delight Sacred Fires and CAYA Coven
Riesling Spirit Babies Denise Cicuto
San Jose The Turtle Moves: Introduction to the Wit & Magick of Discworld Oberon Zell & Devi Lanphere
San Juan/ San Carlos The Horned God in the British Isles Jason W. Mankey
San Martin/ San Simeon Taoist Inner Alchemical Breathing Meditations Taylor Ellwood
Santa Clara Experimental Reconstruction Finnchuill
Silicon Valley Drum Circle 101 Don Schulz

Friday 11:00PM

Beloved: Love Within Robin Murphy
Carmel/ Monterey The Great Goddess: syncretism in the Roman empire Max Dashu
Cedar/ Pine Pomba Gira 2.0: Red is the New Black!!! American Magic Umbanda House
San Martin/ San Simeon Trance Dancing with the Jinn Yasmin Henkesh
Silicon Valley Bardic Circle Valerie E. Voigt

Saturday 9:00AM

Yoga for Every Body Holly Allender Kraig
Carmel/ Monterey Secrets for how to get published at Immanion Press Immanion Press
Cedar Wake Up to Spirit! CAYA Coven
Fir The Philosopher’s Stone: Spiritual Alchemy and Magic Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Oak Pan Druid Panel and Ritual Pan Traditional Druids
Pine Power of Love Ritual for Healing and Happiness Melanie Marquis
San Carlos Paganism and Hate Dragon’s Weyr Circle and friends
San Jose Pagan Family Meet & Greet San Francisco Pagan Parents and Families
San Juan Croning’s not for sissies Victoria Slind-Flor
San Martin/ San Simeon Ritual Facilitation: Raising the Sacred Fire Shauna Aura Knight
Santa Clara Men’s Spirituality Ivan Richmond
Silicon Valley Manly P Hall The Murdered Magician Geraldine Beskin

Saturday 11:00AM

Boardroom Exploring the Lover Within: An Archetypal Flirtation Workshop Sarah Astarte
Carmel/ Monterey Invocation of Pan Tony Mierzwicki
Cedar Brigid Healing Ritual Selena Fox
Club Max Turning toward Justice with Song Turning Earth Singers
Fir Working with Plant Spirits & the Greenwood Realm Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor
Oak Sacrifice and Modern Paganism: A Panel Discussion Coru Cathubodua
Pine Kali Puja: Devotions to the Dark Goddess Chandra Alexandre & SHARANYA
Riesling Giving to the Giver Zephyre
San Carlos The Ancient Art of Memory as a Magical Practice John Opsopaus
San Jose Rethinking Community for the Solitary Pagan Carl F. Neal
San Juan Animal Spirits in Pagan Religions Sabina Magliocco
San Martin/ San Simeon Psychic Techniques – Practical Magic Drew Ward
Santa Clara Divine Relationships Diana Paxson
Silicon Valley Introduction to Rhythm and Drumming for children. Don Schulz

Saturday 1:30PM

Runes for Divination Patricia M. Lafayllve
Boardroom Oracle Deck Co-Creation Ritual Calyxa Omphalos
Carmel/ Monterey Hekate in Turkey: Past meets Present Don Frew & Anna Korn
Cedar/ Pine Treading the Mill of Magic: Calling Heaven Here! Orion Foxwood
Club Max CircleSinging Deborah J. Hamouris
Oak The Ole Time Good Spell Feri Pagan Tent Revival Dustbunny Feri Initiates, Students and Guests
Riesling The Ifa Concept of Extended Family Awo Falokun
San Jose Introduction to Traditional Astrology Clifford Hartleigh Low
San Juan/ San Carlos Teacher’s Toolbox Moss Magill
San Martin/ San Simeon Lupercalia 2014! Ekklesia Antinoou
Santa Clara Ritual Facilitation: Trance Journeys & Meditations Shauna Aura Knight
Silicon Valley Tantric Invocation of Hermes Sam Webster
Willows 2 Village Witchery 102 Hexeba Theaux

Saturday 3:30PM

Boardroom I Ching Divination Salon Rose Shannon
Carmel/ Monterey Daily Practice Sucks: Moving Daily Spirituality Forward Lisa Spiral
Cedar/ Pine Oracles from the Living Tarot Aurea Arcana
Club Max Pendragon’s Get Pendragon’s Get
Oak Pagans and Privilege: Let’s Talk About It T. Thorn Coyle, Crystal Blanton & a Kick-Ass Panel
Riesling Woodsman and the Goblins: Working with Folktale Jeffrey Albaugh
San Jose Woman Shaman: the Ancients Max Dashu
San Juan/ San Carlos Introduction to Wheat Weaving Woven Circle
San Martin/ San Simeon Hekate: Witness and Ally. Timotha Doane and Kristen Oliver
Silicon Valley Learning to Flex Your Oracular Muscles Thalassa
Willows 1 Make your own drum! Don Schulz
Willows 2 Intermediate Incense Making Carl F. Neal

Saturday 7:00PM

Boardroom FFRASS : Garden Info, Social & Seed Swap Ruth Temple
Carmel/ Monterey Dancing with the Elements: A Magical Bellydance Show Didi Gordon/Sarah Astarte
Cedar/ Pine The Sabbat of the Mighty Dead Christopher Penczak
Club Max Pagan Humor 6: Do not go gentle into that good night Angus McMahan
Oak Love Songs of the Goddess Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe
Riesling Walking Down Awen’s Path David P. Smith
San Jose/ Santa Clara Community Healing for Margot Ritual Selena Fox
San Juan/ San Carlos Construct A Discordian Psychic Battle-Tank! Ted Prodromou
San Martin/ San Simeon Wake for Hyperion Friends of Hyperion
Silicon Valley Vibrant Colors in Ancient Egyptian Temple Art Don Frew

Saturday 9:00PM

Boardroom Taking Up the Veil Xochiquetzal Duti
Carmel/ Monterey Vampires Are Us Margot Adler
Cedar/ Pine Pandemonaeon Live Concert Pandemonaeon
Club Max Kenny Klein In Concert Kenny Klein
Oak Pansensual Ritual for Love and Liberation Melanie Marquis
Riesling Introduction to Ifa & Orisha: The Warriors Baba Esu
San Jose/ Santa Clara The Copper Decagram Anaar
San Juan/ San Carlos The Magic of Mother Holda Diana Paxson and Hrafnar kindred
San Martin/ San Simeon Danbala Sevis – Honoring the Serpent & the Rainbow Mambo Chita Tann
Silicon Valley Mystical Love: Encountering the Divine Other Robert Allen and Lasara Firefox Allen

Saturday 11:00PM

Carmel/ Monterey Dreaming the Raven: A Morrigan Dance Ritual Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone
Cedar/ Pine Hexenfest Dance Party Hexenfest
Club Max Pagan Open Mike Afalarian
Oak Saturday Night Drum/Dance Jam David Gibbons
San Jose/ Santa Clara Sekhmet Empowerment Ritual: Claim Your Power Didi Gordon/Sarah Astarte
San Juan/ San Carlos Skeletor Affirmations
Silicon Valley Beyond Tantric Sex and Paganism – Surf the Blisswave Jaya Vajra

Sunday 9:00AM

Create Your Own Chants Lezlie Revelle
Demystifying the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Tiffany Davis
Boardroom Second Generation Paganism Eric O. Scott
Carmel Living within Heathenry 2.0 Angela T Carlson
Cedar Offerings to Osiris: Sharing with the Dead Tamara L. Siuda
Fir ADF: Ritual Dedicated to Hospitality and Community Service ADF
Monterey Pagans and Institution Building Amy Hale
Oak Yoga Nidra Drum Trance Albert Robles
Pine Sacred dance in a circle; no experience needed. Bay Area Circle Dancers
San Jose The Magpie Oracle: Casting shiny objects for a bright future. Carrie Paris
San Juan/ San Carlos Hypatia’s Ancient Spiritual Magic for Modern Times Bruce MacLennan
San Martin/ San Simeon Bring on the Rain! Mojo for Parched CA Petra, Kitchen/Gard witch, Dark Forest/NROOGD
Santa Clara The Etruscan Discipline and the Oracle of Geomancy Murtagh anDoile

Sunday 11:00AM

Boardroom Pagan Activist Forum Ryan Smith
Carmel Pagan Kids’ Song and Story Time Turning Earth Singers
Cedar Margot’s Non-Stop Ritual Chanting Workshop Margot Adler
Fir Practical Guising Peter Paddon
Monterey The Rosary of Mary Magdelene Luna Pantera
Oak Tarot Reading Circle Mary Greer
Pine Yes They Are! Meeting and Greeting the Queerest of the Gods Circle of Dionysos
San Jose Stars in the Company of Stars: Thelema-Individuality-Connection James A. Eshelman
San Juan/ San Carlos Herbs, Oils and Medicine Bags Urban Goddess
San Martin/ San Simeon The Horned Goddess and the Green Lady Caroline Wise
Santa Clara Our Grandmothers as goddesses Victoria Slind-Flor
Silicon Valley Village Witchery 201 Valerie E. Voigt

Sunday 1:30PM

A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru Patricia M. Lafayllve
Boardroom Rethinking the Language of Health for Clergy Rev. Gina A. Pond
Carmel/ Monterey Empowerment – Ideas from the Ancient Egyptians Tony Mierzwicki
Cedar Making Rituals that Matter Starhawk
Fir A Pagan Mythos Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor
Oak Healing with Plant Spirit Familiars Christopher Penczak
Pine The Faery Magic of Rudyard Kipling R J Stewart
Riesling Two Paths, One Heart(h). Creating a Multitradition Household. Paula Meier and J Mann (Bfly and Runes)
San Jose Dance for the Greenman Ari Mankey
San Juan/ San Carlos Creating a Tarot Pocket Book Woven Circle
San Martin/ San Simeon Dances for the God Amy Baldwin
Santa Clara Kid-Powered Ritual for Peace and Joy Melanie Marquis
Silicon Valley Queering Conjure: Reimagining Hoodoo in the 21st Century Lou Florez

Sunday 3:30PM

Boardroom Dismantling Gender Rev. Lee Whittaker
Carmel/ Monterey The DulciMates in Concert The DulciMates
Cedar The Great Queens: An Ancestor Ritual Coru Cathubodua Priesthood
Club Max Tranquil Sound Gardens Sound Gardens
Fir CREATING YOUR SACRED HOME Amber K and Azrael Arynn K
Oak Heart of the Sun: A Ritual in Exaltation of Sekhmet Heart of the Sun
Riesling Legal and Organizational Requirements for Pagan Groups Brian Ewing
San Jose In The Palm Of Your Hand Kooch Daniels
San Juan/ San Carlos Intermediate Wheat Weaving Woven Circle
San Martin/ San Simeon Oracular Seidh Seidhjaller
Santa Clara The Alchemy of Sacred Androgyny Moss Magill
Silicon Valley Grimms Fairy Tales: What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You! Kenny Klein

Sunday 7:00PM

Bast the Great Cat Goddess Devotional Dance Avia Moore
Boardroom The Magic of Writing: how to use writing to manifest reality Taylor Ellwood
Carmel/ Monterey Concert with R J Stewart R J Stewart
Cedar/ Pine The Green Mist: Riding the Breath of Earth’s Guardian Orion Foxwood
Club Max Former Tempest Fiddler Michael Mullen’s Solo Show Michael Mullen’s Trio Of One
Oak The 1899 Ritual Jason W. Mankey
San Jose/ Santa Clara WAND MAGICK: BEFORE “EXPECTO PATRONUM” Amber K and Azrael Arynn K
San Juan/ San Carlos Druid Procession and Ritual: Protecting the Web of Life House of Danu
San Martin/ San Simeon Feraferia Celebrates the Feast of Ostara Jo Carson and Feraferia
Silicon Valley The Woman Magician Brandy Williams

Sunday 9:00PM

Carmel/ Monterey The Evil Eye – Folk Magic of the Silk Road Tandemonium
Cedar/ Pine Avalon Rising Celtic Rock Concert Avalon Rising
Club Max The Gentle Heretic Lon Milo DuQuette
Oak The Dark Ones: No Way Out But Through Dark Forest Coven
San Jose/ Santa Clara Runes of the Ancestors: A Journey to the Roots of Runic Power Hannah Lipsky, Grant Guindon, Morpheus Ravenna
San Juan/ San Carlos Tantric Shamanism Breathwork Sylvia Brallier
San Martin/ San Simeon Devotional Parade and Ceremony for Lady Inanna Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi
Silicon Valley Depth Hypnosis: Inner Transformation for Collective Good Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Sunday 11:00PM

Carmel/ Monterey Sacred Dance for Ritual and Trance Induction Dakini Uma Amitabha
Oak Taking of the Veil The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
San Martin/ San Simeon Spark Collective Fire Circle Spark Collective

Monday 9:00AM

Yoga for Intermediate Yoginis Holly Allender Kraig
Carmel/ Monterey Beard Blessing Ritual Ekklesia Antinoou
Cedar Pop Culture Magick for Geeks Emily Carlin
Oak Healing the Wounded Queen Jhenah Telyndru
Pine Village Witchery 202 Valerie E. Voigt
San Jose Flower Magic: Working with Our Blossoming Allies Tess Whitehurst
Santa Clara Reiki for magical people: Introduction to Reiki 1 Jessica Reiki Miller

Monday 11:00AM

Shadow of the Tarot Maggi Setti
Carmel/ Monterey Youth Blessing Ritual Ekklesia Antinoou
Fir Safer Sex Magic, Magical Safer Sex Lee Harrington
Oak Sonic Alchemy: To Re-Enchant the World Sharon Knight
Pine Dynamic Stick Stretching Kim Makoi, D.C., M.Sc.
Silicon Valley Women of the Golden Dawn Geraldine Beskin

Monday 1:30PM

Carmel/ Monterey Divination with the Lenormand Deck Mary Greer
Fir Meet the Santa Muerte/Diga hola a la Santa Muerte Dr. Stephanie Rendino
Oak The Healing Power of Co-Creation: Restoration of Creative Unity Orion Foxwood
Pine Holy Smoke! The Return of Iron Priest/ess Angela T Carlson
San Jose Hands-On Tablet Weaving Ruth Temple
Santa Clara Candy Ritual Lydia M N Crabtree
Silicon Valley Introduction to Magickal Drumming Don Schulz

Monday 3:30PM

Pine Closing Ritual Glenn Turner & friends

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