Hospitality, Party and Meet-n-Greet Rooms

Every year, several organizations request rooms to use as Party or Meet-n-Greet rooms.  For to apply for a Hospitality room contact us at    Information on which groups will have rooms, as well as their planned activities, will be available starting in January. These have become a major part of the conference with a wide variety of groups and events.

The official PantheaCon Meet-n-Greet Room is located in room 954

The Meet-n-Greet Room is open throughout the whole convention, beginning on Friday after the Opening Ritual and closes on Monday after the closing ritual. We are open 23 hours a day, with one hour for “reset” in the early morning. Come in, introduce yourself. Take time to grab a snack, a cup of coffee, tea, meet friends, make new friends, sing and enjoy yourself. This is the place to meet, leave messages on our message board, take a break. It is what we are here for.

This area has always been child-friendly, and will continue to be. The main room is an adult only room a place to sit and have a quiet conversation or enjoy a snack without the pitter-patter of little feet. In addition we have a “Kids Play Room”. When you come into the main doors of the Room, turn to your right, instead of to the left- through that door will be the Kids Play Room- and welcome! All children in this room MUST be accompanied by their responsible adult at all times.

PantheaCon Meet-n-Greet is GREEN!

To our fellow coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinkers, please bring your own coffee cup, if you can. Remember to keep it with you too. You might want to include a spoon, a nice linen napkin, maybe a small bowl or plate, to be green.


The Staff asks that you do not store your belongings in the room. Meet-n-Greet is not responsible for anything left in the room, nor are we lost and found (Operations handles Lost and Found except Badges they are at Registration). There will be no showering, nor dish washing in the suite.

There will be a community altar set up. Everyone is welcome to add to it (please put your name and phone number on your item if you want it back). Our altar is for all Pantheons.

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