Diversity and Transparency in Programming at PantheaCon 2020

PantheaCon producer Glenn Turner, and the current PantheaCon planning committee acknowledge that past harm has been experienced over the past several years at our event, and we apologize. We truly regret the past and current harm that has caused. We hear the objections raised about the 2019 and past years presenters who expressed exclusionary views against our trans community members. We hear the objections concerning presentations that embody cultural appropriation. We hear the complaints about the lack of consent culture at Con. We hear these criticisms, and we would like to validate these concerns with a new set of policies and protocols going forward.

We admit to having trouble identifying bigoted, and otherwise problematic presenters in the past, and intend to remedy that with new policies, protocol, and a new team of fresh eyes that are more qualified to do the research necessary to ensuring a higher standard of quality. 

Consent and Diversity Policies

All attendees, presenters, and staff at PantheaCon must agree to our updated terms. This is not to be considered a reset for a fresh start, but a beginning place for us to heal and be explicit about our standards. We will not provide a forum for presenters who advocate discrimination or exclusion of LGBTQ+, PoC, or against any of the marginalized members of our communities. We also want to emphasize that we will treat these concerns, as well as non consensual behavior, harassment, abuse, and violence with immediate attention. Implementing Change

To prevent exclusionary, and culturally appropriative presenters at PantheaCon:

This year we have an expanded team of four people on the Programming Review Team, Zeaf Druwitch, JoHanna Hill, Holly Turner and Glenn Turner. We are reviewing new and past presenters for their self-described bios, online presence, and body of work, along with their behavior outside of PantheaCon. We also look at endorsements from well-regarded community members with strong stances on social justice, LGBTQ+ rights/issues, and cultural appropriation. 

In addition, we have another team who are Programming Advisors for Diversity: Kanyon Sayers-Roods, and two more who wish to remain anonymous. Additional advice is being sought from those who have expressed interest in the issues. We will be sending them a preview of the program of the tentative list of events to help see if there are any new or continuing issues to be sure we have not missed anything.

The organizers of PantheaCon do not always agree with the positions taken by various presenters, but we draw the line at providing a forum for presenters who advocate discrimination or exclusion of member of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, or any other marginalized community members. A major purpose of PantheaCon is to allow the diverse pagan community to be exposed to many different points of view.

We hope everyone will be able to find content that feeds their spirit, as well as some material that is new and challenging.

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