Current Issues

To the trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming members of the PantheaCon community:

It was a mistake to include Max Dashu in the program and I want to personally apologize to each of you. I have communicated with many of you directly and have read every letter sent personally. I want to apologize for my part in causing the fear, pain, and sense of exclusion that many of you felt. Providing a safe and inclusive space is of primary importance to me and the convention staff. In order to provide that safe space, all trans-exclusionary advocates and those in close association with them will not be presenting at PantheaCon for the foreseeable future. I hope we can have healthy debates about our many societal issues at this and future Cons.

To all our PantheaCon community:

I also apologize to the whole PantheaCon community for the chaos and confusion caused by our dis-inviting both Max Dashu and Witchdoctor Utu after they had been accepted in our program. Please be assured that this will not happen again. In the future, we will make every effort to more carefully verify presenter credentials and check a variety of sources in our background research. We will also consider the social and political impact of each presenter and presentation in making decisions going forward. If a presenter seems too controversial or divisive to community members, we hope to determine that before the program is published.

PantheaCon Privacy Policy:

To add to the confusion and dismay of our community, I made a very stupid mistake of including some personal information when I forwarded an email. This is NOT the policy of the convention. (My apology to the person involved has been made and accepted.) Many of us have jobs and families that can be put in jeopardy, and we take the privacy of our convention attendees seriously. Along with our long-standing policy prohibiting photographs of people at the con without their specific permission, I will be posting a more formal Confidentiality statement regarding all members’ personal info, including emails and legal names.

May we move forward with greater compassion and support for the safety of all, especially the most challenged among us.

Glenn Turner, Ringmaster,