25th Annual


February 15 – 18, 2019

HOTEL UPDATE!! (01/20/10) I know I promised one week from Jan 8th – the best intentions often take us down the longer roads…

Here is your 1 week notice that the next room release will be Friday, January 25th at Noon Pacific Time. Hotel parking costs $13/day. More information is found HERE.

Schedule is now LIVE   This will be continuously updated as we finalize the schedule.

Membership fee  – $80   for on-site purchase.

Pre-Reg is closed  ( pay on site only.) On-site registration opens on Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

($80 includes all events for the entire four day conference)

$40 for a full day, $20 for an evening only (starts at 5 pm)

Join our many and varied spiritual traditions – Pagan, Polytheist, Wiccan, Norse, Druid, Egyptian, African Diaspora, Ceremonial Magick, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, shamanic, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration. Topics include tarot, divination, goddesses and many others. Enjoy musical performances, rituals, workshops, scholarly papers, slide shows and more.

We fill the whole hotel with 14 function rooms for events including 4 ballrooms with over 60 vendors of Pagan, magical and earth oriented products, and special hospitality rooms that host more events.

Theme for 2019: Unity, Respect  for our Diversity, and  Connecting Webs to Heal the Earth      What are we doing to heal our mother,  our selves? What are we Willing to do for the Earth and for our Community?

This year we especially want to emphasize that PantheaCon is a Safe Space for all. We tolerate no harassment of anyone by others. This is called Pax Templi where differences of opinion are set aside for the duration of the Sacred Space. We have need to focus more on how we can bridge our different opinions and have added 4 programming sessions to Heal our Selves & Community along with our usual music, workshops and hospitality room parties and events.

12/15/18 Update on PantheaCon issues

Update  Glenn has added an article under Current Issues:White Supremacy Culture”  This essay talks about the problems and antidotes to the dominant culture style of thinking and engaging. Food  for thought and discussion.

Update 11/27/18   Some issues have come up and Glenn addresses them here.

For information about a Hospitality Room contact: hospitality_rooms@pantheacon.com – This block is Closed.

For rooms for families with small children and those with health considerations, contact: special-needs@pantheacon.com – This block is Closed.

Mailing address: PantheaCon, PO Box 7327 , Berkeley CA 94707

One can buy a membership for PantheaCon on line with Pay Pal or a credit card. Click on Conference Membership on the Menu Bar above.

For children, please include adult associated and child’s age. Participant children 6 to 14 years old are half price; kids 5 and under are free.  Pre-Reg ends Jan.15.

Questions? email – info@pantheacon.com