Schedule Update and Airport Garden Hotel Programming

PantheaCon 2014 is rapidly approaching, and we’ve had a handful of cancellations.  Please consult the Schedule of Events or your Personal Schedule for current rooms and times -your Personal Schedule will always be up to date with the most recent cancellations and changes.  For everyone who downloaded an iCalendar version of the schedule earlier in the year, we highly recommend re-downloading immediately before PantheaCon begins.  Please note that the iCalendar version uses Pacific Time for event start times – anyone in a different time zone may not see correct start times in their calendar until they are on the west coast (e.g. for most smartphones) or change timezones manually (for some devices).

This year, we are testing expanding programming to the Airport Garden Hotel, the convention’s primary overflow hotel!  Final shuttle schedule details are still being worked out, but we hope to have additional shuttle runs over the hour-long Saturday lunch break to make it easy to get to Village Witchery 102.  For attendees interested in returning to the Doubletree for a 3:30 item, we will also try to make it as easy as possible to reeturn to the Doubletree during the 3:00 break.  At 3:30, we have two limited-capacity workshops: Intermediate Incense Making and Make Your Own Drum!   You can click here to find Willows 1 and 2 on a map of the hotel – the rooms will be immediately off the lobby where PantheaCon shuttles will be stopping.  Again, here is the list of events:

  1. Village Witchery 102 (Willows 1, Saturday 1:30pm)
  2. Intermediate Incense Making (Willows 1, Saturday 3:30pm) – Limited capacity
  3. Make Your Own Drum! (Willows 2, Saturday 3:30pm) - Limited capacity