The 22nd annual

PantheaCon 2016

Theme: Change Makers

Feb 12 – 15, 2016

San Jose Doubletree Hotel

2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA

Admission fee and valid dates:  $80 On site purchase – all weekend rate;

Pre-Reg closed. You can now only register onsite.

Single day rate: $40 for a full day, $20 for an evening only

Join our huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration. As usual we fill the whole hotel with over 14 function rooms for workshops, rituals, and presentations including 4 ballrooms for Vendors along with open house parties.

Parking at the hotel is $10 a day for attendees with their badges. Only hotel guests get in-out privileges. No shuttle van this year, we suggest Uber or Taxis.

Doubletree Hotel – The Doubletree is the host hotel for PantheaCon 2016. The hotel is sold out and there will be no further room releases this year. We do encourage you to check with the hotel as once in a while someone cancels their reservation and a room becomes available but it will be at whatever rack rate the hotel chooses to charge as our conference rate has expired for reservations.

Overflow hotels – See the Hotel and Lodging part of the website for these hotels.  Note: the Garden Hotel is not accepting reservations and is closing this year.

February Updates

Transportation options around San Jose including between Doubletree and the overflow hotels


Program book updates – please check the at con newsletter for late breaking changes

  • Canceled: Friday 11p Spiritual Beekeeping, Mon 9a Dance Activism, Mon 9a The Magicial Battle of Britian: What Can we Learn, Mon 11a An Exploration of Olivia Robertson’s Work
  • Moved: Mon 9a Working Woodcraft to Oak
  • Added: Sat 9p Heathenry in the 21st Century

January updates

Program book! (view the program)
Care and Feeding of a Hotel FAQ added (Jan 23)
Updated FAQ with Assistance Sticker info (Jan 23)
Updated FAQ with info about gender neutral bathrooms (Jan 23)
The vendor list has been posted. (Jan 18)
Pre-registration for the con is closed as of January 15.
Volunteer signup is open. (Jan 4)
Assistance stickers. (Dec 24)
The 2016 Program Listing. (Nov 21)

If you use Facebook there is a community with news and updates (all official content is also mirrored here).


Party rooms

Party rooms, sometimes called party suites by the long-time conference goers are community hospitality spaces. They are usually paid for by a group of people around either a tradition or a commonality of interest. We have a very limited number of spaces available.

This is not about having a party in your room, nor about regular hotel rooms. Please see the hotel and lodging pages elsewhere on this site for more about that.

The process for requesting a party room is to email, Glenn Turner, with the name of your group, the purpose of your room and a short description (see past program books, posted in the FAQ section for examples). She will contact you at the appropriate time with more details and if you have been accepted. If you have a preference for the floor or other details you would like considered, please include those in the same email. Do not assume you will be selected for a Party Room. If you get a room when the general block of rooms is opened, we can assign  you a party room floor space if you are accepted to this rooming group.  Deadline for consideration is November 20.

Note: Please do NOT contact anyone else about party rooms. Glenn is the sole decider. Reaching out on facebook to the group or to the hotel liaison, the hotel itself, programming, gryphons, dealers, CAT, Green Room or Logistics just delays you getting to the right person. None of them can help you.